Girls Night In – Our Yearly Tradition

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How to plan a Girls Night In

Whether you call it girls night in or girls night out, it’s always bound to be a good time. For the past 3 years, my Mom has orchestrated a girls night in at her home. Each year, all of the female members of our family of all ages (there are a bunch!), and all of our female family friends are invited to come to a themed party full of food, games, and lots of laughing.

How to plan a girls night in

how to plan a girls night in

We had a pajama party, and everyone was encouraged to come in their best (or most comfortable) pair of pajamas.

How to plan a girls night in

My mom, the cake decorator and confectionary professional, made all kinds of goodies for us to eat. Some of our guests decided to “sponsor” our night this year, and they brought veggies platters, chicken wings, and lots of other delicious items.

our girls night in signature cocktail: Ladies choice

This year for girls night in, I was in charge of bringing a few prizes, some really fun games and creating a signature cocktail, that I christened “Lady’s choice.” Recipe coming soon!

Playing Jenga Tetris at our annual girls night in

Playing boom boom balloon at our annual girls night in

Luckily, I played a few awesome Hasbro games this summer at my favorite conference, and just had to bring Jenga Tetris and Boom Boom Balloon.

how to plan a girls night in

I even added in a favorite game of mine, Sour Apples to Apples.

We ate.

We laughed.

And we played. Yes, we had a hula hoop contest! We have it every year.

playing "hands up in '85" at girls night in

We also played musical chairs, simon says, and even “Hands Up in 85.” Did you ever play that when you were a kid?

how to plan a girls night in

One of our favorite traditions is making a toast to all of the awesome things everyone has accomplished during the year, and of course, toasting the host! We tend to make at least 20 toasts by the end of our girls night in.

Next year, we’re going to have a cool spa theme and everyone is very excited about how we are going to make it an epic gathering. And since having a spa theme was my idea (ahem) I’m VERY eager to get my relaxation on. I’m thinking mani/pedi and a few masseuses on call for the night.

Have you ever planned a girls night in?

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  1. 12.9.13
    Val said:

    I absolutely love this. Especially the multi generational component. What an empowering statement for these young ladies. Tell Mama good job!

  2. 12.9.13
    Kristin said:

    Such a great tradition! I just had a girls’ night in myself. SO much fun!

    • 12.9.13
      Amiyrah said:

      They really are such a blast. It’s so great to bring awesome women together and just have lots of laughs and fun.

  3. 12.12.13

    This is so lovely! I have a very small family, just my father, brother, and myself, but I used to throw these for my martial arts school. Loveliest bunch of women to hang out with. I miss ’em all. (:

  4. 12.12.13
    Debra said:

    What a wonderful tradition. I’d invite your mom to any event I was having if she promised to bring some of those delish treats. I like that everyone came in PJs and gets into it with the hula hoops and games. Love and laughing is the best way to spend time!

  5. 12.12.13

    The cupcakes look amazing. Can’t wait to read your cocktail recipe.

  6. 12.12.13
    Susan said:

    this looks like such fun, a great time to get together with family and friends.

  7. 12.12.13
    Jennifer M said:

    This is such a fun tradition! Looks like you girls had a lot of fun!

  8. 12.12.13

    I am totally starving after looking at that spread! It reminds me of the one Thanksgiving night that my Mom, Aunt, 2 cousins, my (now) SIL, and a co-worker all came and spent the night at my apartment as we prepared to hit the sales the next day. We played board games, too 🙂 A girls’ night in can be just what the doctor ordered!

  9. 12.18.13
    Aneesah Allen said:

    Thinking about taking Girl Night National. Who’s in?