My Military Style

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military style jacket over a monochromatic outfit, with gold details

Being a military chick should immediately make me run far, far away from the military fashion trend. Well, not only did I embrace it, I found parallels from my usual uniform and the stylish “uniform” I created with some of my favorite pieces I picked up this fall. Also, there’s a hat involved. Anytime I can wear a hat, I’m immediately excited about an outfit. Plus, when I can wear one of my favorite wigs, the excitement reaches record levels. See how I break down this military style outfit through the eyes of a woman in the military.

my military style

In the Air Force, we call our hats our “cover.” You should NEVER be in uniform without your cover. I love to pair great fall and winter outfits with a cool hat. Did you know I have a thing for hats? Well, I do. This one was a great clearance find from Forever 21 for 5 dollars. I love the feather detail. I also have a thing for birds and flying. Air Force. Flying. Birds. There may be a theme here.

military style jacket with gold detail, gold knuckle ring, owl necklace

A military uniform is all about the accents, as well as a military style outfit. In my regular uniform, I’ve adorned with hidden pockets for tools, pens, writing pads and if i’m in the field, items that could save my life and the lives of others. This outfit isn’t as serious but is just as fun. I love the gold button detail on this olive green jacket from the Kardashian Kollection at Sears. I had been eyeing in for a whole month and finally decided to pick it up. It’s lightweight but just heavy enough to wear into the city (NYC to be exact) for date night. I paired it with my favorite owl necklace and a knuckle ring I found at the thrift store.

military style jacket with a pop of color from a scarf

Speaking of chilly, I love to add a pop of color via a fun scarf. This one is one of my favorites.

tuxedo style leggings with a faux leather panel

When it comes to pants, cargo are the way to go in the usual military uniform. I decided to stick with a solid color pair of leggings with a leather detail, also from the Kardashian Kollection. These remind me of a pair of pants a spy would wear, rather than an airman. Super cool.

faux leather calf boots from JustFab

No military uniform would be complete without boots! These faux leather calf boots are a new purchase from JustFab and they are so comfortable. I love how sturdy and classic they are; these will be a staple in my wardrobe for years to come.

leopard pumps from JustFab

But, if I wanted to wear this for a night out, I’d go with these Imperia pumps from JustFab. Pairing a military style outfit with leopard heels is just so…right.

military style jacket over a monochromatic outfit, with gold details

Are you a fan of the military style trend? How would you wear it?

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  1. 12.1.13
    AlexM said:

    I don’t think I could pull it off but you look fab!

  2. 12.1.13

    Love the boots! I’ve been thinking about trying out JustFab, are you in the subscription service?

    • 12.2.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Isra, yes I am, but I have a few tricks to not letting the service ruin your budget. You just reminded me that I need to get a post up about that!

  3. 12.1.13

    Gorgeous hat, gorgeous jacket, gorgeous boots, shoes, scarf – you’ve nailed this outfit! I just came over from Visible Monday. You should check out Style Crone ( – she has a hat link-up and she’s wearing feathers on her hat too!

    • 12.2.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks so much Val! I just went over to Style Crone and added my link. Thank you for the heads up; I am loving her site!

  4. 12.1.13

    Fabulous outfit, with both the boots and the heels! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

    • 12.2.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Patti!

  5. 12.2.13
    Bella Q said:

    Attention! You strike all the right notes. Great kicks, great topper and fun read.

  6. 12.3.13

    You are gorgeous! I love the hat with its feather trim, as I am a also a feather lover. Thank you so much for sharing your style with Hat Attack. Hope to see you again on January 1st.

  7. 12.3.13

    Your outfit looks gorgeous. I love it. I like to wear military style too. Camouflage, bomber jackets, military inspired dresses,military coats. I think the only military clothing I do not like is duffel coat.

  8. 12.3.13
    Mandi said:

    I am a fan of the military trend and you look so cute!! I loved the coat. I wondered if the Kardashian collection had anything cute that I would actually wear. Now I have to go check it out. 🙂

  9. 12.3.13
    Val said:

    All I can say is one word. FIERCE. And those pants though.. Love this look.

  10. 12.3.13
    Zalina said:

    Great jacket. Can be worn with so many things. Perfect purchase.

  11. 12.3.13

    I forgot about you (my sincere apologies). Found you again through Style Crone.
    This look is amazing. And you look so young!!! Not at all like a mother of two children with a serious job. I think your outfit is superb.
    I probably “forgot” about you because I envy you LOL

    • 12.3.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Welcome back, Greetje! 😀

  12. 12.3.13

    So hard to keep up with everyone! Glad to see you at VM … Like Greetja, I lost you!
    You look quite lovely and feminine in military -inpsired pieces. Great combos, and yours are the first leopard print I’d wear … I like it that the pattern is abstracted and in gray and black … far enough from the animal pattern to look exactly like cloth, and only alludes to skin. Extremely tasteful, IMHO! Love you in your leather pants … they work perfectly with your other choices!

  13. 12.6.13

    Every fall I pull out my military inspired jacket … its not girlie so I don’t wear it on date night but I love the detail of the pants and the pumps, definitely a great idea for a night in NYC!

  14. 12.8.13
    Glamamom said:

    YES! Incredible jacket.

  15. 12.8.13

    You have such an excellent sense of fashion! I do not have any military inspired fashion in my closet, but I would like to get a jacket of some sort.

  16. 12.10.13
    mark said:

    wow! that outfit is awesome! you look great!

  17. 12.14.13
    fleurani said:

    amiyrah, you pull of that military inspired jacket so chic and with the leather leggins it does have an edgy touch. Love it :-9

    Thank you for linking up with trendsetters. Our next topic on December 30th will be “holiday looks”. We ‘ re looking forward to see your beautiful look.

    On another note, I am having a give away on a beautiful statement necklace, enter possible till Monday. Hurry up 🙂