Fathers and Daughters #rememberwhen

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fathers and daughters #rememberwhen

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There is no bond greater than that between fathers and daughters. As the first born in my family, and the first born daughter, my dad and I have created a relationship that has been so amazing and important in my life. He’s the man that got me into Sci-Fi, movie dates, and appreciating good food. He’s also the man that told me how vital I am to the world, how I should be treated and how I should treat others. He’s the man who named me, and he didn’t name me the arabic word for “Princess” and “Leader” just for laughs. He knew what he was doing.

fathers and daughters #rememberwhen

This is why I love to see my own daughter with her father. The bicker and hug. They laugh and squeal. They watch Doctor Who together. She runs to him every night when he comes home, and he tells her how pretty she looks when she gets her hair done. He’s treating her exactly like my dad treated me.

I can only imagine what her wedding day will be like. I can only hope that they have the same touching moments that my dad and I had during mine. As I watched our wedding video on the YesVideo app for the hundredth time, I remembered how important our father/daughter dance was. My dad had hurt his knee and was having difficulty walking, but that didn’t stop him from dancing with me. I told him that I picked the Bee Gee’s “More Than a Woman” for us to dance to and his eyes lit up. When I was sixteen, my dad taught me to do The Hustle in our basement. It was a quick memory, but it stuck with me over the years because we had so much fun. He didn’t know it, but I decided that day, we would dance The Hustle again at my wedding. And we did. Our family cheered us on, and  even the DJ said that was one of the coolest father/daughter dance choices he’d seen in a while. In that short 2 minute dance, we portrayed exactly what our relationship was all about.

I love my daddy, and I love hearing my own little girl say the same thing, each and every day.

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  1. 1.20.14

    It’s my privilege to have met your dad. What a great guy!
    From one daddy’s girl to another, this is a great memory to have preserved.

  2. 1.20.14

    Love love love this!!!! My only question is why has Anne gotten to meet your dad and I haven’t? Tell him to save a dance for me- I love the hustle!!

  3. 1.21.14
    Mickey said:

    Holy cow, that made me tear up. So sweet! 🙂

  4. 1.26.14
    Mandy said:

    What a beautiful post! All daddy’s should make their daughters feel this way!