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Lately I’ve been obsessed with reminiscing. As you could tell by this post about my Dad, and this post about my first born, I just can’t get enough of the memories. It’s gotten so bad that even my 3 year old girl has been obsessing over knowing every detail of everything that happened before she was born. She’s been especially interested in my wedding day and how Daddy put the ring on Mommy’s finger. Why has she been so obsessed? Because thanks to my and the YesVideo app, she’s been able to watch our wedding video on the iPad and my iPhone almost every day.

YesVideo app

This app has been amazing for most of my family members. I’ve been able to take my iPad to my parents’s house and show them my favorite parts of our wedding video, including my lanky sister at the age of 10. She’s in college now, so it’s fun to see her awkwardness right on screen. Oh, and I can email the embarrassing scenes to her. A great piece of revenge for an older sister.

reminiscing about my first born

I’m also finding that my son is growing too fast for my taste. He’s 8 and old. At least that’s what he says. We have full conversations about books, morals (I know!) and why Adventure Time is one of his favorite cartoons. It’s a far cry from the little baby he once was; sucking on his pat-pat and sleeping all day. I’ve enjoyed sitting down at night after he’s gone to bed, pulling out my iPhone, and watching old videos of him just being a baby. It almost makes me want to have another one. Almost. Plus, who wouldn’t want to watch a cute video of a baby having a pretend freak-out? I think can’t get enough of this one:

I’m still so impressed with the quality of the video transfers that provides and so are my family members. Most of them are rummaging through their attics to find old VHS and 8MM tapes to get transferred, and they look forward to be able to watch their videos right from their phone via the free YesVideo app.

YesVideo Storyteller

Have you ever thought about transferring your old videos? Would you love to be able to watch old family videos through your phone or tablet?

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