Where did my baby go? #rememberwhen

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YesVideo clip, baby in bath tub

The one thing about babies is that they grow up. They don’t even give us warning about it. They look all cute, cooing and babbling, loving on us, and then they just start growing. How are we supposed to function in life when they do this? My oldest boy is 8 and a half as of today. It seems like just yesterday that I had him. Well, he’s all grown up (ha!) and all I have left are the memories, and the video transfers that hold them.

YesVideo clip, baby in the bath

The holidays caused me to reflect on how far our young family has come over the years, and how well my son has grown. He’s a boy I’m proud of, and boy that I root for. It’s amazing to think that not so long ago, he was the little baby in the bath tub, biting his rubber duckies, playing with bubbles and babbling the cutest little phrases.

I still remember the day we filmed this video. My Mother-In-Law lived two states away (still does) and we had promised to send her videos of the little boy doing some of his cuter, everyday things. It was bath time, and I pulled out the camera to get footage of him playing and practicing his speech. He loved to repeat any and everything mommy and daddy said, which got us in trouble more than once. We gave him the nickname “parrot” because he could repeat what was said to a tee. It was beyond adorable. Now, when his little sister repeats everything HE says, I just laugh and laugh. It’s funny how things turn around.

Boy playing in the park

This was the time when we really were trying to figure things out. He was just a toddler starting to understand the world, and we were just young parents trying to do right by him. While we’re all in a different season in our lives now, I still keep all of the memories of the little things that made our family, well, a family. Whether it’s bath time, random temper tantrums, dance breaks before nap time, or sitting around our tiny table for dinner time, all of these memories are treasures. Even though my boy is growing and won’t stop, even if I ask nicely, I still remember him as my little parrot. That will never change.

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  1. 1.7.14
    Mandy said:

    They sure do grow up fast! My little guy will be 9 in a few weeks and I just still can’t believe it.

  2. 1.10.14
    juliette said:

    Your “babies” are beautiful Amiyrah! Where does the time go? It seems like just last week that my little little ones were throwing food from their high chairs…now they’re every busy asserting their independence all the while reminding me they’re not little anymore:)
    xo D’sis

  3. 1.10.14

    I soooo do wish I could slow down time, especially for my kids. How is that they grow up overnight?! These sweet videos are great to remember the cuteness of their younger days. 🙂