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picture of snow in trees


It’s been coming down in a historical fashion since the end of fall. As much as I love it, I think it may be time to make it stop. Mother Nature needs to pump her breaks a bit. Here in the Northeast, we’ve gotten some insurmountable amounts of the white fluffy stuff. While we’re used to getting multiple feet of snow in February, starting with storms in December has thrown everyone off.

picture of snow in trees

Don’t get me wrong. My favorite part of winter are winter storms. Usually, after each storm, the kids and I get all bundled up and go play in the snow for hours. Our reward is always a big cup of hot cocoa and some cookies. Last year, we even created a video of all the fun we have. Snow is our thing. But, everything in moderation, right? Well, not this winter.

picture of snow on a banister

This year, I’ve enjoyed watching it fall from the comfort of my bedroom patio. The snow looks so peaceful while I’m laying in my warm sheets with a cup of tea. Without wet snow boots on me, or two scarves to keep me from getting sick while rolling in the snow. These times have been really nice to have, and for that, I’m sort of grateful for the flurries.

Little kid hand catching snow

But not as grateful as one kid I know. With every snowfall, she begs to go out onto the patio to touch it. Sometimes, I forget that she’s only 3. I forget that the idea of snow is still new and exciting to her. She isn’t jaded by shoveling it, having it keep her from traveling in her car, or missing way too many days of school. My 8 year old still loves this type of weather, but he’s over missing so many school days. School’s an important part of his routine, so missing it does not sit well with him. He used to love the magic of snow as much as she does. He once was the one out on the patio, like his sister, and try to catch the snowflakes. She’s been reminding us of the little joys in nature. The fun part of it all. The adventure of trying to catch a snowflake.

little kid hand catching snow

And guess what? Sometimes, she actually catches one. Her love for snow is increased yet again.

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  1. 2.26.14
    VaBreeze said:

    Love the picture of the duchess with the open hand. You should get it blown up and frame it. Would make nice wall art– I’d buy it if I saw it in a gallery!!! LOL

  2. 2.27.14
    Terri said:

    I have to agree with VaBreeze – that photo of the hand reaching out for snow is precious. I can definitely see it being sold in an art store.

    That photo of the hand is definitely representative of my husband and I this season. Despite it hindering some of daily activities, we’ve both acted like children lately getting excited as each snow flake falls.