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Since our big announcement, it’s been so much fun looking though old photos of my kids as babies. My daughter, especially, has loved taking a peek at how her brother was when he was just teeny tiny, and how young Mom and Dad looked while trying their hardest to stay awake and keep her big bro alive. Ahh, those were the days. Sleep deprivation seems such a foreign thing once your kids grow up, that is, until they are teenagers and out all night. Anyway, I have enjoyed not only sharing our transfered videos from YesVideo with our kids, but with family members as well. Leave it to YesVideo and Hallmark to find another way to share memories in a flash.

One of my favorite things about using YesVideo is that I can share snippets of videos with family and friends. Little peeks of family gatherings, baby’s first steps or just our usual family silliness can be shown through short videos posted on Facebook, Twitter or via email. Now, YesVideo has partnered with Hallmark to add that heartfelt touch to some of your favorite video scenes. I tried it with one of our transferred videos and was so surprised at how easy it was.

Cool way from Hallmark and YesVideo to send old videos

Once you sign into your YesVideo account, you’re given the option of turning one of your video snippets into an online Hallmark video card. You start by picking the movie you’d like to grab a snippet from, then you select which snippet you’d like to use.

Cool way from Hallmark and YesVideo to send old videos

I love that the video snippets can be up to 55 seconds long, so you really are sending a whole scene. I decided to pick a cute scene of my son all dressed up after his birth, and ready to leave the hospital. What can I say? I have baby fever right about now.

Cool way from Hallmark and YesVideo to send old videos

Next, you’re able to choose from 5 themes for the video. I chose the classic celebration theme, since the colors matched the outfit my son is wearing in the video. Talk about cute! Once I picked the theme, I was able to decide if I wanted to keep original auto, or add the Hallmark theme music to the video. I went for the music since it was sweet and fun.

This little snippet will be emailed to the grandparents. They have been so excited since the announcement of our new little one on the way, and I know this will continue their enthusiasm. Maybe they’ll even offer to babysit sometime soon, so this mama can get a day of pampering at home. A girl can dream, right?

I see these being a big hit for upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations. This would also be cool to send on Easter and Passover, if you have vintage videos from those holidays. The possibilities are endless!

Have you ever sent an e-card or small video full of memories to family members? Are you a Hallmark card lover?

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  1. 2.21.14

    I thought this was really fun and easy to do!
    Also, congratulations again! Hoping for twins named Luke and Leia.

    • 2.24.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Twins?! Noooooo! lol

  2. 2.21.14
    Angela said:

    That celebration theme is perfect for sharing video clips of your precious babies!

  3. 3.5.14

    Partnership made for each other. 😉 BTW CONGRATS, beautiful mama!