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A cute story about how a couple fell in love through video and the computer. #Rememberwhen

My husband and I courted for a few years before we go engaged. Yes, courted. That foreign ritual where a couple corresponds and gets to know each other through letters, phone calls, AOL instant messaging, and during the beginning of our relationship, videos. Videos were the best ways we got to know each other and we were able to see each other’s everyday life. It was exciting to get a VHS tape in the mail from your best friend and betrothed. Whoa, I just used the word betrothed on my site while talking about modern technology. Ain’t life funny? Anyway, while letters were our main way of communication, the videos were always a wonderful treat.

One of my favorite videos was one that I created for my now-husband’s 20th birthday. We’d only just met in person a few months prior after starting our courtship at the end of spring in 2000, so our love was all new, young, and sickeningly sweet. With him living 2 states away, and both of us having school and work to deal with, I knew this would be one of the only exciting things I could do for him for his big day. I was nervous, excited and eager to show him all around my parents’ house. Still to this day, I don’t think that my parents knew that I made this video of their semi-clean home and mailed it to this boy that they didn’t really know at the time. Well, they know now. Hi Mom and Dad!

A cute story about how a couple fell in love through video and the computer. #Rememberwhen

I took him all over. We went through the house, in my room, in the kitchen while I made my lunch and even outside so he could see the neighborhood. It was so mundane but adorable. Ahh, Young Love. It ended up being one of the best example of our strong and silly love. When we found this tape in our big box of videos, I knew it needed to be transferred by YesVideo. It’s amazing to watch how young our relationship was, and how much my love for him radiated through the screen. If it was ever lost, it would be a sad event. I’m looking forward to showing it to my son and daughter when they’re a bit older, and explaining how Dad and I fell for each other: through video and our computer love.  And who would have thought that just 5 years after this video, we’d be doing this:

Memories are a powerful thing, aren’t they?

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    You are adorable!

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      Amiyrah said:

      Hehe thanks Anne!