7 Things to Buy in March

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Here's a list of 7 things to buy in March, that'll yield great savings in the long run.

I love March. It’s not just because it’s my birthday month, or that it’s the start of spring, but it’s the month where I’m able to stock up on clothing for the kids and gifts to give out during summer birthdays and holidays. Here’s a list of 7 things to buy in March, that’ll yield you lots of savings in the long run:

Travel Bags and Luggage

Bon Voyage! If you check out my “things to buy” posts for January and February, you’ll see a theme of vacation planning. Winter is the best time to plan your spring and summer vacations, and March is the best month to buy up your new luggage. Think about it this way: companies are going to put out their new luggage lines right before customers leave for spring break trips. They will also put past lines on sale and clearance. If you’ve needed new carry-on bags or large pieces of luggage, buy them up now.

Easter/Spring outfits

This is my favorite time of year to shop for spring outfits for the kids. Have you noticed that Easter and Spring outfits tend to show up after Christmas? You haven’t? Well, they are put out that early in the year since most fashionable shoppers are looking at what the spring trends will be, even for children. Since these looks have been out since January, March is the time to grab them on sale. There will be a second wave of Easter outfits on “sale” around the beginning of April, but you’ll yield better deals now on the clearance outfits.

Anything Green

Well, this one is a given. With St. Patrick’s day happening on the 17th, you’ll be able to grab up lots of green items on the 18th forward. Also, keep a look out for clearance Mardi Gras items this month. All of these items can be used as decoration for any spring gatherings you may have, like Easter and Passover dinner.

Air Conditioners

Yes, last month I said to wait on the air conditioners but NOW is the time to buy. Wait until closer to the end of the month when stores will be moving things around to set up displays for new air condoner models. The older models will be put on sale or clearance and you can snag one for a great deal.

Golf Merchandise

With spring comes golf. Also, with spring comes deals on everything golf related. Golf memberships, gloves, and yes, golf clubs will be on discount this month. If you have been thinking of getting a new set, or supplying the guy in your life with one for upcoming Father’s Day, buy now. Be sure to check the circulars for sporting goods stores for deals, and look at their online sales. Here’s a good tip: not sure what size clubs you or your gift recipient will need? Find out if the store will do an exchange for items purchased online. If so, you’ll be able to exchange for the right size at a later date.

Garden Seeds

All of your gardeners can now start to get great discounts on seed packets either on and offline. There are lots of online retailers that are offering sales and coupon codes for gardeners that are willing to buy their packets now in anticipation of spring finally showing up. Also, check your local dollar store for seed packets.

Video Games

After the holiday sales on video games and consoles. online stores took stock of their inventory. Even though they may have had sporadic sales on video games since then, March is the time when those sales are changed to clearance items. New games are due to be released in the spring, so older generation games will cheaper. They may even offer them in bundle packets. Grab these up and place in your gift closet for any summer birthdays that may pop up.

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  1. 3.4.14
    Kari said:

    I am definitely in the market for some new luggage. My daughter and I are taking a trip to Ireland this summer and we both need some new small suitcases. I didn’t know this was a good time to buy but will have to start looking soon. Thanks!

  2. 3.4.14

    Also check out the sales on Patio furniture/BBQs for last years models – we scored some good deals on these last year.

  3. 3.4.14

    I have so much luggage and I am always looking for more. I think seeds are needed too.

  4. 3.4.14

    I love this! I didn’t know that you could often get better prices on garden seeds, video games or air conditioners in march. That is SO helpful!

  5. 3.4.14

    This is great to know! I definitely plan on buying more “green” stuff this spring.

  6. 3.7.14
    Nichole said:

    This is great! My husband certainly doesn’t need any more golf clubs, but I would love to find an inexpensive organizer to hold the stuff he already has.

    • 3.7.14
      Amiyrah said:

      This would be the great time to get it! I was thinking of doing the same thing for my Mother-in-law. She has a ton of golf stuff, so an organizer of some sort would be a good Mother’s Day gift.