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I have an obsession with JustFab. I’ve had it for quite a while and have blogged about my love a few times here, but I’ve finally gotten into a rhythm with this subscription-based site. It can be difficult to think that you can be on a budget and still shop on JustFab, but it’s possible! Today, I’m sharing some of my current fashion favorites from JustFab, and how I got them all for under 42 dollars.

Oversized hoop earrings with diamond detail from JustFab

These beautiful gold hoop earrings work well with my large coiffed hairdo, and I have a thing for hoops. They just add some type of pizzazz to any outfit. It might be a “Jersey girl” thing, but I think that big hair and big earrings go hand in hand. I love the diamond-like detail which adds even more sparkle  to these pair. The best part? These were only 2.50 at the VIP price.

Oversized clutch with paint-splattered detail from JustFab

Oversized clutches seem to be here to stay, and this multi-colored clutch is perfect for spring and summer. I love the splattered paint look and how unordinary it looks. It’s definitely my style. I think this would go well with a minimalist summer outfit, possibly in black and white. This clutch was my most expensive purchase at 24.95, which is 15.00 off the regular JustFab price.

Multi-colred print wedges from JustFab

Who doesn’t love a cute pair of shoes? I featured these wedges in a previous post, but in a beautiful mint green color. I decided to go with the multi-colored water color wedges, since they seemed a bit more fun. I have to say, these are very comfortable, even for this big belly pregnant mama. At 14.40, yes only 14.40, I’ll be sure to rock these for quite a while.

I also grabbed a black patent leather belt, for free, during checkout. My waist is nonexistent right now, so I couldn’t model it for you all. I used some of my rewards points to add this to my order. Rewards points are given to you after each transaction, and you can use them to buy accessories, magazine subscriptions, and more.

Now how did I get all of these items for only 41.85? I cashed in on one of JustFab‘s killer sales. I got one item for 24.95 and was able to add on another item for only 14.95 more. But, there’s more! I added the hoop earrings for 2.50, but ended up getting yet another discount because I was bundling items. Add in the belt that I picked up using rewards points, and get another discount. So, that was 4 items for under 42.00. This obviously won’t happen every single time I order, but if you’re smart you can yield some great savings.

Would you like me to share my tips on how to use this great site to add fashionable and quality items to your wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll get a post up soon.

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  1. 4.21.14
    Brandi said:

    Those wedges are absolutely perfect for everything that I need to do in life! I have to check out this JustFab!

    • 4.22.14
      Amiyrah said:

      I can totally see you in these, Brandi!

  2. 4.21.14
    Lauren said:

    Super-cute accessories! I love the wedges and the clutch!

    • 4.22.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Lauren!

  3. 4.21.14
    Jill said:

    Love all of these accessories especially the wedges!

    • 4.22.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Jill! The wedges are my favorite too.

  4. 4.21.14
    ADA said:

    Hi, I am Ada.

    Stopping by from the Monday Mingle Link-up. The wedges and clutch are so beautiful with those splashes of color and they match so well, also. And I love the name of your blog, so unique and great alliteration.

    I invite you to stop by my blog. Have a great day, Ada. =)

    • 4.22.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks for stopping in, Ada!

  5. 4.22.14

    Great post, haven’t tried Justfab, but I think I’m sold. Those wedges are too cute!

    • 4.22.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Aren’t they just so fun? And I can actually wear them while still rocking this baby bump. That says something.

  6. 4.22.14

    How did I miss those wedges? I keep forgetting to buy that clutch. I hope it’s not sold out!

    • 4.22.14
      Amiyrah said:

      It’s still available! And now they are having a buy 2 bags for 49.95 sale. Go Go Go! lol

  7. 4.22.14
    Kaylee said:

    That clutch is Amazing <3 I love JustFab!

  8. 4.25.14
    Carly said:

    that clutch is PERFECT for summer..I LOVE IT! Thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle.

  9. 4.26.14
    Jamie said:

    How have I not heard of Just Fab? I love those wedges and your earrings! What awesome prices (I am all about deals.) 🙂

    • 4.27.14
      Amiyrah said:

      It’s a great site! If you treat yourself to a new pair of shoes or a new bag from there, please come back and share. I’d love to see what you pick.

  10. 4.26.14

    I’m not familiar with JustFab. I’ll have to check it out. And I LOVE a hoop earring. They used to be all I wore. I think I need to pick up a new pair or three! 🙂

    • 4.27.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Jo-Lynne, I really enjoy that site. The shoes are beautiful yet affordable. I’m not really into subscription sites, but this one got me.

  11. 4.28.16

    I always remember how Jodi Watley was always wearing hoop earrings in the late 80’s and they looked SO GOOD on Her. Brings back some Good Memories to such Beauty on a Woman’s Ear. 😉 <3

    • 4.29.16
      Amiyrah said:

      I wanted to be Jodi Watley, especially when it came to her hair!

      • 5.2.16
        Alex said:

        I wanted to be married to Jody….but….:(