What to Wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

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With only days left until the 2014 Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, it’s time to buckle down on the wardrobe. For the past few months, invitees have been asking all of the hard questions, like “what should we be wearing?” and “what should we wear?” I jest a bit, but it seems like fashion is a big issue for attendees. While the title of this post is “What to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration,” I should premise by saying that this is how I AM packing for the conference. There will also be a lists of other recommended items to pack that won’t take up much space, but will give you options once you arrive. For those of us *ahem* that change our minds on fashion frequently, this will be helpful.

Travel Outfit

Here's a helpful article on what to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

One of the first outfits we forget about is our travel outfit. This is a great way to not only start your experience, but to wear pieces that you can incorporate the rest of the weekend. Whether you’re flying to the conference, or taking a road trip, layers are key. For those of us taking flights, layers work well, since you don’t have to take them off to get through security. If you wear jackets and scarves, those have to be taken off and scanned. For this trip, I’m going to wear this awesome over-sized sweat shirt with a tank top underneath. Paired with a comfortable pair of jeans and  sneaker wedges that slip off easily, I’ll get through the line with a quickness. Also, forego the purse and take a book bag. You can over-stuff it, and it still will count as your “handheld item” on your flight. It’s like a carry-on, but not!

Here's a helpful article on what to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

Can we talk about this Donald Duck sweatshirt for a minute? I am IN LOVE with it. My husband got it for my birthday from SheInside. It helps to hide my pregnant belly, but isn’t too hot. Plus, it has an ornery Pekin duck on it. Donald is my homeboy.

Other option for travel day:
Flannel top
Thin, plain t-shirts (like ones from Hanes)
Flat sandals/Flip Flops
Slip-on tennis or walking shoes

Dressed up tops

Helpful tips on what to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

Remember those comfy jeans you wore on travel day? Well, the can be paired with some of your best tops in your wardrobe. Whether it’s a billowy top that makes you feel thin, a sparkly top that shows you’re ready to party, or a professional top that you’d love to wear on conference day, pack at least two. This Dana Buchman top was a thrift store find, and I’ve gotten my 4 dollars out of it already. It’s dressy enough for important meetings, but sparkly and fun enough to wear on the dance floor at conference parties. I’m going to pair it with some leggings I found on clearance at Old Navy (the zippers on the back are a great accent) and my favorite dressy casual flats.

Options for Dress-up Tops:
Sparkly Tank Tops
Floral button down shirts
Thin but structured blazer
Lace tops
Matching cami and cardigan

Maxi Dresses or Skirts

Helpful tips on what to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

I’ve confessed my love for maxi skirts recently, and I feel the same way about maxi dresses. I have yet to see a blogger look horrid in a maxi dress, and since it can be dressed up or down, it’s perfect for conferences. For this conference, I’ll be packing two dresses I grabbed from the thrift store: one will be a solid color and can be dressed up with wedges and bright accessories, and the other is pictured above. I love that the stripes go on a diagonal, which is more flattering for the female form than vertical or horizontal stripes. I’ll wear either dress with the thin cardigan pictured and the necklaces I have laid out. Which one do you think looks better with the black and white dress? I can’t decide!

Capris or Pixie Pants

Helpful tips on what to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

I’m mostly a dress girl, but I always pack at least one pair of capris or non-denim pants with me. These two pair are perfect since they are lightweight and bright. I can pair them with one of the dressy tops I packed and have yet another outfit for one of the parties or dinner out with friends. The polka dot pants I found at Uniqlo for 6 dollars, and the red pixie pants are from Old Navy.

Park Day Outfit

Helpful tips on what to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

Oh yeah, we’ll get to explore the parks too! Did you forget? This outfit might be the easiest, if you’re a parent that has taken your kid to any amusement park or if you’re a Disney fanatic like me. I love to wear my favorite Disney tees or tanks for these days, and since I have a growing bump, I’m going with my Aladdin themed flowy tank. I’ll layer this will the black tank I wore on travel day, and some yoga shorts from Old Navy that I’ve had for years. I’ll also be taking my book bag that I used on travel day. Cross body bags are a good choice, but if you plan on packing snacks to eat, or buying souvenirs, you’ll need something bigger to hold it all.

What to Wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

I’ll add these flats from Crocs. I wore these last year to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, and have been over-using them ever since. They are so comfortable and aerated. Perfect for long walks in Disney Parks.

Other Park Day options:
Lightweight shorts
Capris (the extra ones mentioned above)
Havaianas Flip Flops
(they are the sneakers of flip flops)
Toms shoes
Cross body bag (if you won’t need to pack snacks or buy souvenirs)

A Totally Awesome Dress

Helpful tips on what to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

Like I said above, I’m a dress girl. But I’m a big believer in every woman having one really comfortable but fun dress to bring to any conference, especially Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. This dress is my homage to my favorite saga, Star Wars. I’ll either wear it on conference day, or during the first nighttime event. This was yet another SheInside gift from the husband, and I have been so excited to wear it. I’ll pair this with the wedges I’m bringing for my maxi dresses or a strappy sandal that doesn’t take up much room in the suitcase. Find one dress that really makes you want to twirl, dance, and feel like a million bucks (without being uncomfortable). Pack it. You may regret not packing it, but you’ll never regret throwing it into the mix as an option.

Helpful tips on what to wear to Disney Social Media Moms Celebration

Can you spot Darth Vader? How about the Storm Troopers?

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  1. 4.7.14

    LOVE these looks, and especially your Star Wars dress!

    • 4.7.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Kelly! Looking forward to seeing you in a few days.

  2. 4.7.14
    Kuleen said:

    I don’t see Star Wars in that dress, but I do see the Polynesian Resort and the Tiki Room!

  3. 4.7.14
    Kira said:

    That dress is everything, I love it. Your husband has great taste.

  4. 4.10.14
    Melaina25 said:

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    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  5. 4.23.14

    Love your outfits! Great blog!

  6. 3.7.15

    These are seriously so cute! I love your style! I wish I had packed more Disney-inspired clothes for our last trip. I’m already scoping out deals and cute things for our next one. Not just for our kids, but for myself as well 🙂 Love that Star Wars dress! Seriously, amazing! Thanks for sharing these tips! If I don’t get to use them for the conference I definitely will for our next trip!

    • 3.7.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks Jennifer! Here’s hoping that you’ll get to use these tips for the celebration 😉