What to Wear to Star Wars Weekends – featuring Ashley Eckstein

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What to Wear to Star Wars Weekends with a quick interview with Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe

As I sat down with Ashley Eckstein, owner and creator of Her Universe, I couldn’t think of anything else but chic geek fashion. Our family was visiting Walt Disney World for the first weekend of Star Wars Weekends. We were given the rare opportunity to meet with Ashley for a few minutes so we, well I, could chat fashion with her. The subject? What to wear to Star Wars Weekends. Ashely provided some great insight on proper fashion for this annual Walt Disney World event, and even touched on some Star Wars Episode VII scoop.

What to Wear to Star Wars Weekends with a quick interview with Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe

 My Star Wars Weekends outfit: Boba Fett Calavera tank from Her Universe, with comfortable lounge pants and Crocs flats.


What are your top 3 fashion tips you can give women that are coming to enjoy the festivities?

The number one thing I would just tell women is that it is very hot here. Wear tank tops, sundresses, and don’t forget that it is Florida and it is summertime. Her Universe makes it easy to stay cool, but still look cute as a Star Wars fan. We have a bunch of tank tops this year, and they’re costume-themed. We have an Ewok hooded tank with the fuzzy ears on top, and we even have a Boba Fett tank top where the hood is his helmet. I’m wearing our Han Solo dress today and it’s really light.

What to Wear to Star Wars Weekends with a quick interview with Ashley Eckstein of Her Universe

Accessorize! We came out with our new jewelry line this year. Our outfit’s not complete unless we accessorize. We have our brand new R2D2 jewelry line and it’s our first collection from the Sparkle Factory. It’s our first high-end jewelry collection. I love jewelry, but I was finding that I was buying a lot of cheap jewelry and it would fall apart after only 2 wears. These are collectable pieces that are handmade in the USA.

Also from a safety tip, don’t forget to drink lots of water. You don’t want to get dehydrated!

Star Wars was obviously your inspiration for the My Hero jewelry collection, but do you think the fans also inspired the line, or was it more of what your preference was when it comes to jewelry?

Definitely both. The fans have been asking for more jewelry for a long time, so it was something that I knew I wanted to do more of. I’m still new to all of the jewelry designing and I wouldn’t call myself an expert at all. When I was able to design this collection at the Sparkle Factory, that was a very exciting collaboration. Being able to work with the Sparkle Factory where they are truly experts in jewelry, the timing was finally right.

One last question. Star Wars Episode VII is coming! Are you thinking about your fashion pieces? What’s inspiring you?

You know, as top secret as Episode VII is to the fans, it’s just as top secret to the licensees. We don’t know anything yet; we only know what the fans know. I can confirm
that I will be making Episode VII merchandise, but I don’t know when it will be released. I don’t know anything about it, except that it’s called Star Wars Episode VII, so right now I could only design is a shirt that says Star Wars Episode VII on it. So, I’m excited to learn more and design for it.

A big thanks to Ashley for this fun interview. Be sure to check out the new R2D2 jewelry line, as well as all of the new tanks and sundresses that are available now. Both are also for purchase at Darth’s Mall in Disney’s Hollywood Studios during Star Wars Weekends. May The Force be with you.

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