Little Remedies For All Moms #ColorOfInfluence

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All moms should be celebrated, supported and offered little remedies to help them maneuver through parenthood.

Disclosure: Many thanks to Little Remedies for providing free product. All opinions are my own.

Being a mother is one of the most amazing and difficult jobs you can acquire in life. I still remember holding my first born in my arms and thinking “what have I just done?” I’d never fallen in love so quickly, and felt so overwhelmed at the same time. I was lucky enough to have a husband and close family to help me transition to being a first time mother, but that’s not true for all women. My husband was born to a single mom who did the very best she could to ensure that she raised her child to be amazing. My own aunt is yet another great single mother, who has gone through so many trials just to raise my cousin to be accomplished while living in the rough streets of Newark, NJ. These women are strong, determined and love their children with all of their heart. Throughout their time raising their sons, they searched for little remedies to help them keep their boys safe, secure and healthy.

All moms should be celebrated, supported and offered little remedies to help them maneuver through parenthood.

We used Little Remedies products quite exclusively for both of our children. The gripe water alone got us through some very uncomfortable nights. We’ll of course have a small stockpile of Little Remedies items ready to go for our little boy once he arrives in September. With 2 older siblings who love to bring germs home, it’ll be essential for our survival. But, why stop at our home? So many strong women end up on their own taking care of their children, and have a difficult time providing remedies for their babies when they become sick. Thanks to Little Remedies, I have a dozen New Parents’ Survival Kits to give to moms in need in my area. Our family decided to donate kits to Women Aware, Inc in New Brunswick, NJ. This local women’s shelter has been open for over 30 years and provides assistance to women of domestic violence and their children. Each kit includes:

  • Gripe water
  • Gas drops
  • Decongestant nose drops
  • Saline drips
  • Infant Acetaminophen Fever/Pain reliever
  • Nasal aspirator
  • Dosing chart
  • Travel bag to hold all of these essentials

We love that not only are all of these items key to keeping baby comfortable when they aren’t feeling well,  but that Little Remedies take pride in providing products without alcohol, artificial flavors or coloring, or unnecessary additives. We know the moms at the shelter will really appreciate these kits, and we want to thank Little Remedies for donating these cases. If you could donate some Little Remedies, which organization would you choose?

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