Red, White and Belly (with Bravado)

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Red, White and Belly (with Bravado)

A big thanks to Bravado for providing product for this post.

The best part of fashion is that you can take something ordinary and tailor it to fit your style. When you’re 7 months pregnant, it can be difficult to create an outfit that fits your growing bits, is comfortable, and doesn’t make you look dowdy. It also helps if these fashion pieces not only work now with the baby in the belly, but later when he’s out and about, demanding to be breastfed.

Red, White and Belly (with Bravado)

During my last pregnancy, I was stuck with either nursing tanks that were horribly boring or with really cute tank tops and shirts that I ended up stretching out due to constant breastfeeding. This time around, I wanted something that I could wear during the last few months of pregnancy, during the beginning of my postpartum, and something that I could actually wear and not look like a sleep-deprived, frazzled mom.

Gold boat shoes from JustFab

The Essential Nursing Tank from Bravado is giving me the best of all worlds. I love the Mykonos Blue color paired with my red pixie pants and chambray shirt. It has a great stretch, so my belly feels comfortable in it, and there’s enough structure on top to keep “the girls” situated. I can see that’ll end up being very comfortable when I start breastfeeding.

I decided that this 4th of July inspired outfit also needed some flashy boat shoes to top it off, and bring home the nautical theme. A pregnant woman’s best friend is a great pair of flats. These were a recent purchase from JustFab, and they feel like I’m wearing super flashy sneakers.

Red, White and Belly (with Bravado)

I have to show you the best part of the Essential Nursing Tank. One thing that makes or breaks a nursing tank are the clasps. These clasps are very easy to undo and to put back once you’re done feeding. The straps and clasps are pretty thick and sturdy, and I appreciate that the clasp is flesh against the strap. This is a key component to a good nursing tank, since you won’t see clasp “bulges” when you wear it under a cardigan or collared shirt. Clasp bulge is not cute.

Red, White and Belly (with Bravado)

I’m looking forward to wearing this outfit today for the holiday. We’re going to do some thrifting and, of course, eat barbecue right before going to see fireworks at the park. Thank goodness for comfortable clothes that can handle the food baby I’m going to have, as well at the real baby I’m growing.

If you’re a mom, did you have good luck finding great nursing tanks? Are you a Bravado fan?

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  1. 7.4.14
    Susan said:

    You are adorable. And Bravado? My favorite nursing bras OF ALL TIME. Worth every penny.

    • 7.7.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you, my friend! Loving Bravado bras and tanks this time. And I love that they are affordable and will last.

  2. 7.4.14

    You are so cute. LOVE the red and blue, but the bump…. that’s the best accessory ever. 🙂

    • 7.7.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you so much, Jo-Lynne! They always say large accessories are the best ones, right? Ha!

  3. 5.3.18
    Atenaa said:

    thanks for sharing this post with us its adorableness love red white belly and bravado well sharing this post . that’s the best accessory ever.