25 Back-To-School Affirmations For Your Kids

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Here is a list of 25 back-to-school affirmations that are a perfect start to a child's day.

We all know how overwhelming the first day of school can be. The jitters, the excitement, and the anticipation of a good school year. I can still remember being so scared of each first day, but very hopeful.

For most of my school career, my dad made sure to say a back to school affirmation to me once he dropped me off at the front steps. Whether it was “you are going to have a good day” or “you look amazing today,” I always entered my new classroom with a new outlook on my new experience.

This is so important for children. Affirmations are one thing that parents can easily provide to their children to ensure that they will have a great mindset for an upcoming school day. As a note in their lunch, or spoken verbally during school drop-off, let us create a great daily experience for your kids. Here are 25 of our favorite back-to-school affirmations.

Here is a list of 25 back-to-school affirmations that are a perfect start to a child's day, and a great way to connect with them on a daily basis.

How To Share Daily Affirmations With Kids

It really isn’t that difficult to share these affirmations with your children, but sometimes it may be a challenge to get started. Here are some ways to start off the routine of sharing a daily affirmation with your kiddos:

  • Write an affirmation and leave it next to their breakfast
  • Write the affirmation on a post-it note, and put on the mirror of their bathroom
  • Have them read it to you as you drive them to school
  • Let them look a the list below on your phone (or theirs), and have them tell you which affirmations are their favorite.

Once you do these small steps, saying daily affirmations will become easier, and a lot more fun.

Back-to-School Affirmations


1. Be a good friend today.

2. Positive actions are the best actions.

3. You are a great listener.

4. You are an awesome helper.

5. Thank you for being so caring.

6. You’re doing a great job.

7. Today is your day.

8. You’ve got it!

9. Hard work pays off.

10. You deserve a medal!

11. Show off your smile today.

12. Yes, you are smart!

13. You are an excellent student.

14. You make me so proud.

15. You have fantastic ideas!

16. How can you be helpful today?

17. Learn enough for the both of us!

18. School is as fun as you make it.

19. You can do it!

20. Thank you for being eager to learn.

21. Have an adventure in class today!

22. Your teacher appreciates you.

23. Be excited about learning today.

24. You are a leader.

25. No one is better than you.

These back to school affirmations and positive words will really make a difference for your child’s school year. I hope you give them a try over the next 9 months, and monitor the change in your child’s demeanor and motivation.

Do you share any positive words or affirmations with your children before they leave for school?

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  1. 9.8.14
    Mary said:

    These are great for lunch box notes.

    • 9.8.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Hi Mary! Yes, these would be lovely for lunch box notes. I’ve been saying them to my daughter, with a kiss, right before I drop her off at school. She enters her class so excited to learn.

  2. 10.17.14
    Kerry said:

    I am going to share and use these. It’s like paying it forward with motivation rather than money. Stay true, thank YOU! 🙂

  3. 8.30.16

    I totally agree with the power of an affirmation. Often, we are so crazed in the morning that our last few moments are filled with words like, “hurry up” or “you are going to be late”… or maybe worse. Love this list, and the idea. My Mom used to always say, “Have a Happy Day!” and I still remember it:)