How to Thrift on Instagram

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How to Thrift on Instagram

Society today is all about social media. We use it to send out instant reviews of restaurants, tweet about our favorite shows while watching them, and express our love or disdain over brands, new products, or even our own family. We also use it quite a bit to shop. Fashionistas know what brands to follow to find sales, deals and coupon codes to purchase their favorite online. Instagram is no different. I’ve found that thrifting online has starting to become a popular option for those of us frugal fashion junkies, but did you know that you could thrift on Instagram? It’s not all about food pictures and silly videos over there. Here are some of my favorite tips on how to thrift on Instagram.

Use the Hashtags

We use hashtags on just about every social media platform now. Actually, we tend to over-use them. When thrifting on Instagram, that’s not the case. You need to use the hashtags to find those gems, and you need to use quite a few of them. The ones that I use the most are #thrift, #thrifting, #thriftstore and #thriftshop. These 4 have yielded me so many great deals from private sellers to actual thrift stores that use Instagram to get some of their best pieces sold.

Follow the Good Pictures

Instagram is all about the beautiful pictures, as we all know. The same goes for thrifting online. The accounts that take the time to post nice, clear pictures of the items they are trying to sell, will not only give you the best finds and deals, but will always post good inventory. Follow them. Even if you see a piece that may not work for you, you can always tag a friend and bring more business to that account. How does this work out for you? The more they sell, the more they post, and the more inventory you’ll have to choose from in the future. Follow and share. It’s the Instagram way.

Check The Comments

Just like on eBay, you can be leery about buying thrifted items through the internet since you can’t physically look at them. We always turn to the reviews on eBay, but on Instagram we have to rely on the comments. The Instagram community has no problems commenting on an account, or flagging it, if they are selling faulty items. Pay attention to what others are saying about the account. I’ve personally never had an issue with anything I’ve purchased through Instagram, and I hope I never will. Also? If an Instagram thrifter is asking you to pay using anything other than PayPal, don’t do it. PayPal gives us a chance to dispute a purchase, while sending cash, money order, or using anything else may not offer you that option. Be smart.

Watch Your Favorite Fashion Bloggers

Yes, bloggers are now getting in on the fun! One of my favorite blogs, Bleubird, has her own account dedicated to items that she sells on Instagram. I scored a $115 sweater for 15 bucks from her and covet the items she puts up for kids (they get sold quickly!). Clarissa from The Posh Parent is an avid thrifter and has a wide selection of items on her additional account. If you love a fashion blogger’s posts on Instagram, ask them if they have an additional account dedicated to selling their previously worn ensembles. More often than not, they do!

Did you know that you could thrift on Instagram? Would you ever tried it?

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  1. 8.8.14
    Gina said:

    So how are sellers connecting with buyers–through Paypal?

    • 8.8.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Yes, Gina. It’s all done via paypal (or it should be). I think I mentioned that in one of the tips. Usually, the first person to comment is the one that gets the item first.

  2. 8.8.14
    Jill said:

    What a great post! I knew you could find thrifted items on Instagram but have never tried it myself. Thanks for sharing these tips!


    • 8.8.14
      Amiyrah said:

      You’re welcome, Jill!

  3. 8.8.14
    Elizabeth said:

    I have shopped via THE POSH PARENT! I am thrilled with her stuff that I have got!

  4. 8.8.14
    julie said:

    I had NO idea that people thrift on instagram! How fabulous!! I’m so inspired.