T-Mobile Free Data for Work at Home Moms on-the-go #TabletTrio #shop

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This is a compensated post on behalf of #CollectiveBias and T-Mobile AXS #TabletTrio. All opinions are my own.

T-Mobile Free Data for Work At Home Moms on-the-go

September is quickly turning into our busiest month of the year. The little girl started Pre-school, our oldest boy is now homeschooling and, oh yeah, I just had a baby at the end of August. Life is hectic around here, but being a work-at-home mom means that I don’t get much of a break. I need to be connected to the online space as much as possible, even in the pick-up line at my daughter’s school. Let’s not even get into all the fall activities we’ll be traveling to and from each afternoon! Have I also mentioned that I pick my husband up from the train station each weekday in the early evenings? Half of my workday is spent in the car, so I need to utilize great deals like the tmobile free 200mb data plan. Being prepared is the only way to get through each work day.

Like all work-at-home moms, preparation and planning is so important. Plus, you’ll need the right tools to get your through your day. Here are a few tips I have for those WAHMs that are always on the go:

Pack Snacks

As any mom can tell you, snacks are the biggest lifesaver when you are on the go with kids. They are even more important when you are a mom working on the go. Snacks will keep you from spending too much at the local coffee shops. They’ll also keep your energy up for all of the errands, meetings and pick-ups you’ll have to endure each day.

T-Mobile Free Data for Work at Home Moms on-the-go #TabletTrio #shop

Plan Each Hour of the Day

This may sound very simple, but we tend to forget to actually plan our work-at-home days, especially the time we will spend in the car. Each hour should be accounted for, even your driving time from one destination to another. I allot lunch time, mobile homeschool time, and even my shower time. A great schedule will help to keep you from a major meltdown.

Set Alarms

You know those hours that you planned and those snacks that you packed? It’s time to set alarms for all of them. This will keep you on task and show you how much you actually accomplish in a day. Work-at-home moms tend to think they are treading water each day. Setting alarms to push through your busy day will be advantageous to your spirit. You’ll start to welcome the next task, whether it’s a conference call with a client, or getting the kids to soccer practice.

T-Mobile Free Data for Work at Home Moms on-the-go #TabletTrio #shop

Use The Right Tools

This is key! There’s only so much we can do from our tiny smart phones. A reliable tablet, like the T-Mobile Trio AXS 7.85″ 4G Tablet, can help us with all of our online duties at work-at-home moms. I love using the tablet to set my alarms for the day, look at my schedule through google calendar, and check emails as soon as they enter my box. The best part is that I don’t have to rely on finding Wi-Fi. T-Mobile offers the Free Data for Life Plan – you get up to 200MB of free data each month for the life of the tablet on T-Mobile’s advanced nationwide 4G network. When I purchased the AXS tablet at Walmart, I was so surprised at how affordable it was (only 179.00) and it’s size. It fits perfectly in my “mom purse” and the screen is wide enough to read important documents and even edit pictures for blog posts. Since I don’t have to deal with spotty Wi-Fi, I can securely work anywhere at any time of my busy day. The T-Mobile free data actually helps me make money. That’s pretty cool.

Interested in what my work-at-home day entails and how I’ll be using the T-Mobile free data to my advantage? Check out this video:


Are you a work-at-home mom? How would 200mb of tmobile free data help you with your daily duties?

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  1. 9.7.14

    This is awesome. I am def going to check this because connecting while on the go is a must for me, too! Great video!

    • 9.8.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you! You’ll have to check out the Free Data for Life Plan from T-Mobile. No extra bills and the 200mb of data is such a savior when you’re on-the-go. Let us know how you like it!

  2. 9.8.14

    That is huge for a carrier to give free data for a tablet! Being on the go all the time myself … I have issues connecting to the internet because I’m connecting to wifi and wifi can sometimes be a hit or miss depending on where I am. I do find that most times its advantageous to connect to my readers and answer important emails while I’m waiting for my niece to get out of school OR running around and doing errands for the wedding … but then I can’t connect. The work piles up and it really does become overwhelming! Will have to check this out! Thanks for sharing!

    • 9.8.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks for commenting, Arelis! Not being able to connect to wifi is killer. I love the T-Mobile Free Data for Life because there is no extra monthly bill, so I don’t have to worry about going over the data, and searching for a hotspot. It’s a win-win!

      • 9.8.14

        Hmmm no monthly bill … that’s nice … unless you upgrade right? Do you have to have a plan with T-Mobile to get the free data for life?

        • 9.9.14
          Amiyrah said:

          No ma’am. No contract needed for this particular plan. We bought the tablet, followed the easy directions, and we were set up with our free data in about 5 minutes. You can always purchase more data if you need it, or just wait for your 200mb of free monthly data to be added to your account. They really make it easy for us!

  3. 9.8.14
    Thien-Kim said:

    Thankfully I’m not in my car that much but the free data does come in handy when we’re stuck in DC traffic. Keeps my little guy occupied!

    • 9.8.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Hi Kim! I love that this is not only great for work at home moms, but for our kids too. My daughter uses ABC mouse as supplemental learning, and we can now use the free data on the AXS tablet for her. She’ll be able to “study” when we take our road trips to see family this holiday season.

  4. 9.8.14
    Saidah said:

    I need a tablet in my life. Working from my phone while on the go strains my eyes and drains my battery. My MacBook is smaller than my last laptop, but still feels to big for travel. I’ll have to look into this as an option.

    • 9.8.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Hi Saidah! I’ve had issues with working on my phone too. It’s just too tiny for what I need to accomplish for work, whether it’s editing photos, or crafting good reply emails to clients. This tablet is definitely the answer for those of us that like to work on-the-go and need bigger screens to do so. Also, the free data is too nice! I’ll be taking advantage of it every month.