Noise with Glitter and Dirt On It

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While my girl does twirl and giggle, she's more like noise with glitter and dirt on it.

We’ve all seen the phrase online and throughout social media. Boys are noise with dirt on it. Yes, they sure are. But in my home, girl is just as loud and dirty.

GIRL: Noise with Glitter and Dirt On It

I’m not quite sure how this happened. She does have an older brother, but he’s about as meticulous and clean as you may imagine. Think of a much younger, chocolate covered Felix Unger. Maybe she inherited her adventurous spirit from her father. He lives life with mess, loudness and lots of love. I say quite a bit that our little girl is the female version of him. She has no problem speaking her mind, getting down in the dirt, and allowing any and everyone to be her friend. This is one of the reasons I love her so much. She’s the complete opposite of her mother, and I live for every minute of it.

While she may twirl and love fashion, her whole demeanor is one that commands attention. She’s not delicate. She’s strong and powerful, with a sweet face and big heart. She clomps around in her cute little shoes, and doesn’t think twice about drowning them in puddles at any chance she gets. While this drives me nuts as a mother (those are your GOOD shoes!), I have to let her personality grow and shine.

How will she be during her tween and teen years? Will the glitter continue to mix with the dirt and noise? Will she be more reserved? Will she fully take on the “tomboy” roll? As a mom, I just want her to be confident and happy. She’s my dramatic, over-the-top middle child, and I’ve always had a special place in my heart for middles. She’s my only girl and my mini-me. She’s glorious.

She’s my girl; my noise with glitter and dirt on it. Her future’s looking pretty great.

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