Peace of Mind before Deployment

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This military mom shares how one simple service will give her peace of mind during her next deployment. #EASafe #ad

I’m honored to be an Estate Assist ambassador. All opinions and experiences in this sponsored post are my own.

Before I know it, I’ll have to deploy again. This reality is always in the back of my mind. With our new addition to the family, I can’t help but think that he won’t be even a year old when I pack my A-bag for another adventure, far from home. While this is par for the course in military life, it’s still extremely stressful. I’m a military mom. I not only have to work on raising my brood, and loving my husband, I have to keep my uniforms within regulations and qualify during my M16 training.

A brain can only hold so much.

So what happens when it’s time, yet again, to turn over the reigns to my husband and parents? During my last deployment, they were such an asset and helped me keep peace of mind. I knew my children were well taken care of, even though I was in the middle of a battleground. I still worried.

Every day, I worried. Bombs dropped all around me, yet I thought about my kids breaking bones or getting sick. I fretted over my husband getting hurt at work, and my parents having to take over parental duties. I thought about how I would be able to function if something happened to one or both of my parents while I was gone. Then I thought about me.

What if something happened to me? Does my husband remember where my living will is located? What about the power of attorney? Do my parents know where OUR will is located, in case they need it? What about our life insurance documents? While my husband knew my online passwords, my parents didn’t. That’s unacceptable.

This military mom shares how one simple service will give her peace of mind during her next deployment. #ad

This can’t be something that I worry about during my next deployment. So, when I was asked to be an ambassador for Safe by Estate Assist, I jumped at the chance. Very similar to an online safety deposit box, Safe by Estate Assist is a service where you can store all financial and personal information. You can also store important passwords and scans of essential documents, like your life insurance, marriage and birth certificates, wills and power of attorney. The best part? Your Estate Assist account can be easily shared with family members whenever you would like to do so. There won’t be any need for those talks where everyone must be in attendance to go over documents. I can give my parents access to my Estate Assist account if I’m overseas, or at home on the couch.

It’s digital peace of mind.

Not only will this become an influential part of my well-being during my next deployment, I’ll also know that all of this pertinent information will be safe. Estate Assist offers Estate Guard Security; an encryption developed by their engineers that’s very similar to those used by trusted banks and the US government. When it comes to protecting your account, they don’t mess around. As an offspring of a military man, and a military parent myself, messing around isn’t on my agenda. It’s comforting to partner with a brand that understands that.

This military mom shares how one simple service will give her peace of mind during her next deployment. #ad

Now it’s time for you to sound off. Does your family know where all of your important documents are? Have you shared your online passwords with your significant other or someone close to you, in case they may need it one day? Answer below and let’s have a conversation. Also, be sure to check out Safe by Estate Assist today. It’ll be the quickest way to put your mind at ease.

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  1. 10.17.14
    Kerry said:

    Amiyrah, I really hope your not deployed anytime soon. You’re so intelligent and beautiful, thanks for serving our country. My father was a U.S. Marine.

    Your thought process just goes to show what a remarkable woman you are to care so deeply for the well-being of others. I hadn’t ever heard of this online safe before today.

    You and your loved ones will be in my thoughts and prayers here and abroad. xoxo

  2. 10.17.14
    Dee said:

    God bless you, Amiyrah, for your service to this country. And thank you for making me aware of this vital tool…digital peace of mind for sure.

  3. 10.30.14
    GI's Wife said:

    This looks like a great thing for my family. We have our information in too many places right now.

    • 11.2.14
      Amiyrah said:

      It really is helpful. We had all of our items on paper, but in a box that was not fireproof. Having them online makes it so much safer.