Getting Into the Thanksgiving Spirit

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How one mom finally got into the Thanksgiving spirit. Here's a hint it has something to do with her in-laws.

For quite a while, I envisioned Thanksgiving as that day sandwiched in between my two favorite holidays. Since I was a kid, Halloween and Christmas were at the top of my love list. Both holidays always inspired the dreamer in me; I celebrated fantasy and enchantment during Halloween, and enjoyed the warm feeling that Christmas created in everyone I knew. Those were my go-to, feel-good holidays. Thanksgiving was mostly the time I was teased by my cousins, and answered way too many questions about my grades/love life/future life goals. Thanksgiving was a chore. That is, until my first thanksgiving with my in-laws.

I love my in-laws. I mean, I really love them. Some say they do just because it’s a nice thing to say, while others would never say it since they may be dealing with strife and complicated relationships. I lucked out with my husband’s family. They are warm, kind-hearted, intelligent, and hilarious people. I anticipated my first Thanksgiving with them to be stressful, very similar to the Thanksgivings I’d experienced with my own family. That was not the case. I laughed. Really, really laughed. They were intrigued with all that I’ve done in my life at that point, and each and every one of them really listened to what I had to say. I noticed that I had a feeling of belonging. I felt like family, and they had no issues treating me as such.

Since that wonderful day, we’ve enjoyed many Thanksgivings together. That one special day helped me to discover the Thanksgiving spirit, the spirit of the season. Thanksgiving is about being grateful, but it’s also about celebrating family. So, I’m thankful for the family I chose to become a part of, almost 10 years ago. I’m thankful for the blessing they are in my life.

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  1. 11.17.14
    Mandi said:

    Having awesome in-laws is a blessing itself!! A GREAT think to be thankful for!!

  2. 11.18.14
    Brandi said:

    Gosh, having great in laws is amazing. Mine have definitely helped me to come out of my shell!

  3. 11.18.14

    You love your in-laws. Now that’s a blessing. I hear so many talk about their issues with their in-laws and it’s scary. Glad you fit in.

  4. 11.19.14
    Somers Martin said:

    Amiyrah, and you KNOW that we LOVE you! You are the daughter I never had and I am so glad and blessed to have you as my daughter-in-love! You are the best, my sweet, darling daughter. Can’t wait until we’re together again. I feel the need for some alone time with you…maybe dinner and a movie?! We’ll leave the kiddos with their dad! Love you! Mom