Puppy Talks and VeggieTales

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How VeggieTales In The House helped 2 kids learn about the responsibility of owning a puppy.

I’m a member of the Netflix #StreamTeam. All opinions and discussion of puppies are my own.

We’ve been bombarded with lots of discussions about puppies. Maybe it’s because of Santa’s arrival in a few weeks, or maybe it’s because of Thanksgiving, and that my daughter is set on being “thankful” for her puppy next year. Regardless of the reason, the idea of adding a puppy to our brood has been in question for the past few years.

Both of my kids love to make fast friends, and if we ever get a dog, that little one will be no exception. I know that my kids will treat their new pet as a best friend, and of course be thankful for him or her, but they don’t seem to understand the work that’s involved. Just when I feel like I’ve gotten blue in the face from explaining responsibility to them, Netflix releases an all-new original, VeggieTales In The House. We watched the new season and to my delight episode one, Puppies and Guppies, talks about responsibility when it comes to taking care of pets.

When I saw Larry the cucumber drawing a picture of his future puppy, I could see the same excitement and naiveté that my own kids have about owning a puppy. But, as we saw through the episode, there is more to it than loving a pet. With the help of his friends, Larry is able to understand what having a puppy will entail. VeggieTales always seems to teach my kids the lessons that they need to learn right at their stage in life.

Looking for a great program for kids to watch that encourages us to be thankful and appreciative of our friends? Netflix has a wonderful list of titles to watch this season:

Sesame Street: Elmo and Friends
The Fox and The Hound 2
Phineas and Ferb
My Girl
Charlotte’s Web

and more!

For more selections, be sure to check out www.netflix.com.

Do your kids watch VeggieTales? What valuable lessons have they learned from the stories?

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  1. 11.30.14
    Rachee said:

    My little cousin has been angling for a puppy! Maybe I’ll share Larry with her and her mom!

    • 12.3.14
      Amiyrah said:

      This was a fun episode to watch, especially since the puppy talk has been hot topic in our home. All the “in the house” episodes are fun to watch though. I hope you share it with you cousins, Rachee!

  2. 12.3.14
    Val said:

    Yay. Will turn the little guy onto this new season and series. Thanks for the FYI.

    • 12.4.14
      Amiyrah said:

      You’re welcome, Val!