Happiness Blueprint for 2015

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Being happy is something that I have to constantly work on. I’ll admit, being a mom sometimes makes being happy even harder. You worry, fret, and worry some more. Well, in 2015, I’m developing a new happiness blueprint and choosing joy, and it’s all because of these two:

As part of Team Happy Mamas for 2015, I'm sharing my happiness blueprint. I'm going back to first-time mom status.

My two youngest kids are lucky enough to get the “experienced” mom. The mom who can spot a cold within the first sniffle. The mom that knows how to pack luggage for our family vacations LIKE A CHAMP. The mom who’s on top of it. The thing is, they don’t get the fun mom as much as my son did. That mom used to show up and show out, every single day. I miss her, and I hate that my two little ones only see her from time to time. So, for 2015 she’s making a comeback.

I want to be a first-time mom for the third time.

Yes, I want to go back to it all. The nervous excitement. Celebrating every single milestone my kids make. Daily, and multiple, dance breaks in the kitchen. Eating cookies before dinner every once in a while, because…cookies. That’s the first-time mom I was, and that’s who’s going to take charge over the next year. My younger kids deserve it, and my oldest boy needs to see her again, especially at this stage in his life. Tweens be crazy, y’all.

Happiness Blueprint for 2015

The best news is that I won’t be navigating my happiness blueprint alone. This year, I’m joining the Team Happy Mama for the Happy Mama Movement. 12 moms, including yours truly, plan to choose joy this year and increase our mom awesome. Amanda from Dude Mom is hosting a happiness-filled link up this month, and we’d love to see you add your joyful posts. If you haven’t blogged it, but you know what your joy will entail this year, please leave a comment down below. I’d love to celebrate your joy with you!

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  1. 1.7.15
    Elaine A. said:

    There is so much joy in that photo and I love your plan to find joy this year! Happy 2015! 🙂

    • 1.8.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks so much, Elaine!

  2. 1.8.15

    As an oldest child, I sometimes joke that nobody should be able to have a first child…. because we do a lot of experimenting on them:)

    • 1.8.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Ha Krystyn! That is so true. Some things remember doing as a first-time mom were…interesting. But then I remember the excitement I had to just BE a mom. I’m bringing it back, yo!