Easy and Affordable Ways to Be Heart Healthy

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February is American Heart Month, and there are easy and affordable ways to be heart healthy. Here are a few suggestions.

February is such an important month in our home. It’s the month when my husband and I got married, it’s the month that houses Valentine’s Day, and it’s Black History Month. There’s so much to celebrate during the second month of the year!

It’s also American Heart Month, and as an African American woman, this is an important time to review my lifestyle to make sure that I’m following easy and affordable ways to be heart healthy.

According to statistics from 2012, Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for African American women. Of African American women age 20 or older, almost 47% have cardiovascular disease. So what can we do? We can make sure that we take care of our bodies and our hearts. I make sure to do this in a few ways:

Get Moving

The easiest way to keep your heart healthy is to move! It doesn’t have to involve a year long gym membership or building a gym in your basement. You just need to get your body going and your blood circulating. I take advantage of free videos on YouTube, like the exercise routines created by Cassey from Blogilates, and I also use resistance bands around my legs while I work around the house and do homeschool lessons. It’s a great way to work out while still taking care of my daily activities.

February is American Heart Month, and there are easy and affordable ways to be heart healthy. Here are a few suggestions.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

I know, I know. If you look at my pictures, you are probably thinking I have no right to talk about weight. Not true. Being overweight and underweight can both take a toll on your heart, and I have to make sure that I’m eating healthy and maintaining the proper weight for my height. I do find that I feel so much better when I am at the recommended weight rather than underweight. I also don’t feel as sluggish and run down. This gets me to eat properly too. Speaking of which…

February is American Heart Month, and there are easy and affordable ways to be heart healthy. Here are a few suggestions.

Add Good Fat To Your Diet

Monounsaturated fats are great for your diet and to keep your heart healthy. I take supplements and have snacks on hand that feature monounsaturated fats, like nuts. Lately I’ve found great snack items right at my CVS. The new Gold Emblem Abound line features delicious walnuts, granola mixes, heart-healthy oatmeal and even raw almonds! I haven’t even seen raw almonds at my local grocery store, so it was great treat to find them at my favorite drug store at a great price. While snacks full of monounsaturated  and polyunsaturated fats are great to keep your heart healthy, you will want to watch your intake. They can be high in calories, so be sure to place them in small containers or bags and snack wisely.

February is American Heart Month, and there are easy and affordable ways to be heart healthy. Here are a few suggestions.

Do you have any easy and affordable ways to be heart healthy? Do you like eating healthy snacks?

A big thank you to CVS for sending a few of these fantastic items to help me stay heart healthy!

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  1. 2.24.15
    Brandi said:

    You are GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the trail mix. It’s such an incredibly easy way to be healthy for the whole family. And Ayva LOVES it, too!

    • 2.24.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Aww thank you, my friend! The kids have fallen in love with the trail mix too! When I saw it at the store, I grabbed two bags using my ECBs. I have shamefully eaten most of the walnuts. I grab the bag mid afternoon when I need a healthy snack.

  2. 2.25.15
    Mandi said:

    I don’t think I knew the CVS Abound snacks came with just the raw nuts. That’s awesome! We love their trail mix with the yogurts covered raisins. So good and a great heart healthy snack!

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      I didn’t know either, Mandi! That’s a game changer for me. I have a list of items that I only purchase at CVS, and now those raw almonds are on there. Such a great way to add a healthy item to our food budget.

  3. 2.25.15

    Such a great reminder and easy tips that make a big difference!

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks so much, Dawn!

  4. 2.25.15
    Lynda @MommyPowers said:

    We enjoy eating nuts for a late night snack, instead of cake or cookies. (Tho we do sometimes splurge!) I’m glad my little likes them as much as we do, in fact we have to hide them from him or we won’t get any!

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      I love that!

  5. 2.25.15
    Margaret said:

    I keep forgetting to add supplements like fish oil to my routine. I need to get it together. Thanks for the reminder!

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      You’re welcome, Margaret!

  6. 2.25.15

    Heart disease has taken a few of my family members.
    I’m working on my weight and fitness. One of my Facebook groups even created a 30 minute a day workout challenge for March. I need this!

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      I love that challenge, Joyce! 30 minutes seems like such a short amount of time but it can really make a difference. You are such a determined and motivated woman. I know you’re going to conquer your challenges this year!

  7. 2.25.15
    Tazim said:

    Love all these tips! The good fat tip is a good one. Raw almonds are always hanging around in my cupboard. So great for mid-day snacking.

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Yes Tazim! I’m dying to use them to make homemade almond milk. I never thought I would be able to find them for a good price at CVS.

  8. 2.25.15

    I love trail mix and nuts. I actually tnink sometimes I eat too much of that stuff LOL Thanks for this reminder to do things to take care of my heart!

  9. 2.25.15
    MrsTDJ said:

    Great tips. I’ve found that since wearing a pedometer, I’ve been much more conscious of walking at least 10K steps a day.

  10. 2.25.15
    Bernetta said:

    I am all about the trail mix love! I love a good healthy snack and you are right, we have to take care of ourselves!

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Yes we do! Healthy snacks and quick bouts of exercise throughout the day are key for heart health.

  11. 2.25.15
    Michelle said:

    Great tips! I’m glad you addressed being underweight, too. It’s often overlooked but is as much as a health risk.

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you, Michelle. I could write a whole other blog post about the dangers of being underweight and the whole “you’re so skinny” thing isn’t a compliment when it causes internal problems. But, I’ll leave it be LOL.

      • 2.26.15
        Michelle said:

        Believe me! I can definitely relate! And, of course, you made those snacks sound so yummy and since they’re good for me, I had to stop by CVS while I was out and about to re-stock my car snacks. I’m the worst when it comes to opting for unhealthy snacks when I’m running errands.

  12. 2.25.15
    Rachee said:

    You look great! That red is gorgeous on you.
    I am loving cashews from CVS. They are always fresh and fill me up when I’m working.

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you, Rachee! My husband is a CVS cashew fan. I purchase them for him and separate into snack size containers for mid-day snacks.

  13. 2.26.15

    I learned the hard way that water is important. After being hospitalized for dehydration, I learned that water keeps everything in the body work and working well. It is something that must be added to every healthy routine.

    • 2.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Yes Janeane! Water is the one thing I have to do better at including in my day. I struggle with it, but when I dedicate times during the day to drink it, my body feels so much better. I’m sure my heart appreciates it too!