JOHNSON’S So Much More Global Event

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I attended an event by JOHNSON’S® to learn about the power of bath time as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore

A recap of the JOHNSON'S So Much More Global Event, and how it changed the way this mom looks at bath time. #johnsonspartners #somuchmore

This past week, I had the privilege of attending the Johnson’s So Much More Campaign Launch and discussion panel, with host Lisa Ling. JOHNSON’S® first ever global campaign, SO MUCH MORE™ spotlights that bath time is more than cleansing; it’s a ritual that allows parents to unlock the full power of baby’s senses.

As a Johnson’s Baby Ambassador, I was already excited to learn even more about my favorite baby product brand. I ended up learning so much more.

A recap of the JOHNSON'S So Much More Global Event, and how it changed the way this mom looks at bath time. #johnsonspartners #somuchmore

Did you know that letting our babies play with bubbles in the bath helps them develop their hand-eye coordination? Did you also know that by the age of 3, kids have about 85% of their brain developed? During the panel, facts like these were shared with the many parents in the room, and you couldn’t help but hear the small gasps. We were moved by how important bath time really is for our kids.

A recap of the JOHNSON'S So Much More Global Event, and how it changed the way this mom looks at bath time. #johnsonspartners #somuchmore

Pharmacist David Mays shared so many scientific tidbits about the Johnson’s Baby line, including how smell and touch has a big correlation with a baby’s brain development. These findings were used to create the SO MUCH MORE™ Campaign, and over the next few years, they will be important to the further development of Johnson’s baby products.

A recap of the JOHNSON'S So Much More Global Event, and how it changed the way this mom looks at bath time. #johnsonspartners #somuchmore

RN Lynn Erdman taught us how essential skin-to-skin contact is for newborns and even older babies. My husband has always loved to lay our kiddos on his bare chest. It brings peace to both parties, and I truly think that might be his favorite part of having a newborn in the house. I’ve been notorious about baby wearing without a shirt on in our home, because my kids loved to be skin-to-skin with their mama. It’s so refreshing to know that those interactions helped them grow into the amazing human beings that they are.

Do you know why we say the phrase “home sweet home?” Dr. Kumar Vedantam shared that it’s because of the smell we encounter every time we return home. It’s a pleasantly “sweet” smell, that cannot be replicated, but always fills us with joy, calm, and peace. This is exactly why Johnson’s has kept their classic scents.

Smell a bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion and tell me what you think. You think of something in the past, right? Maybe you think about when you were little and used it on your own skin, or the last time you rubbed it on your own children. It’s a scent that you just can’t forget, like the smell of cut grass, or your favorite cake or pie being baked when you were younger.

Smell is key when it comes to babies, since they tend to be able to smell their own mothers in a room before they can see her.

According to the JOHNSON’S® Global Baby Bath Report, while parents value bath time as quality time with their child, they underestimate the power of bath time and its benefits on baby’s brain development. Check out this infographic to see just how powerful it can be for our little ones:

A recap of the JOHNSON'S So Much More Global Event, and how it changed the way this mom looks at bath time. #johnsonspartners #somuchmore

This whole experience was eye-opening, and since then, we’ve put even more emphasis in bath time with Baby Frugal. He already lucked out having a mom that enjoys bath time with her babies. Now that I know how very important that time together is, I’ll appreciate it even more.

Do you, or did you, rush through bath time with your kids? What do you wish you would have done differently when it comes to spending time with your kids while they’re in the bath?

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  1. 2.17.15
    Sheena said:

    Bath time has always been a calming time so I’ve never rushed through a bath unless it was a bath after blowout, haha! Now that the boys are older, it’s a time where they both play together and listen to music. All is well until the toddler dumps water on to the floor!

  2. 2.17.15
    Brandi said:

    So basically, snuggles are TOTALLY necessary and a reason to stay in bed with your baby JUST a little bit longer! Seriously, thanks for this great information. I’m going to share it with my bestie who is a new mom!

  3. 2.17.15

    I used to love bathing the girls. We would play in water and I loved smelling their bodies… it was just fresh and adorable. I love the Johnson’s nighttime. It helps them to sleep so good.

  4. 2.17.15
    Mandi said:

    I had no idea letting babies play in the bubbles did that. This post is full of such great information! Zoe and I still love to snuggle. She loves bathtime.

  5. 2.17.15
    Val said:

    Bath time is so precious and such good bonding time. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  6. 2.22.15
    Michelle said:

    I loved reading this! Bath time has always been a favorite of my little ones. Splashing, playing with toys, bubbles – great to know that all that fun had added benefits!

  7. 2.22.15
    MImi said:

    Now that my daughter is almost 5 I still sit outside of the tub and play with her and her dolls during bath time. I look at it as valuable time before she goes down for the evening.

    I remember using the lavender products on her as a baby and how easily she would doze off to sleep and she would smell so good!! I miss those days!