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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

This is day 14 of the 30 Days of Financial Affirmations challenge. If you missed any of the previous days, check out the overview page for links to the other affirmations.

When I hear the word acceptance, I immediately think of a 12-step program. As something that we need to do in order to move on and grow as grounded people. In a past affirmation, we talked about our mistakes and how important those are to our present and future self. Today, we’re going to talk about acceptance in the terms of how much money we eventually WON’T earn.

Yes, I said won’t earn. We can’t earn it all, even though we seem to push ourselves to do so. There’s so much money out there, and we always strive to attain it for ourselves. Instead, we need to accept that the amount that is destined for us isn’t as large as we think it is.

We all want to be rich, right? So that’s what we put as our goals, “to be rich.” Rich is relative. Do you realize that when you ask for richness, you give it permission to manifest in other ways? Rich could equal a richness in your social life, or the quality of friends you have. Richness could be determined by your home life, and the partner or children that dwell there. Richness could be the events that happen to you daily. Rich doesn’t always equal money.

Now, what happens when we want rich to equal money? We have to tell it so. We have to accept that money isn’t on the pedestal we place it. We can accept that once we decide on an amount that we want to manifest, we can attain it. It’s feasible. Let’s not be rich. Let’s be determined.

Here’s your affirmation for today:

I give money permission to manifest into the amount I want it to be, and I accept that being rich isn’t about money.

For today’s task, I want you to create an exact amount of money you want to attain by the next 3 months. 90 days is a magical time when it comes to attaining goals, even financial ones. What is the exact amount you would like to manifest in your life over the next 3 months? Why is that number important? How will that amount of money change your life?

BONUS: My dear friend, Mandi from Chewsy Lovers, shared this amazing speech with me. It’s called The Strangest Secret, and I think once you listen to it, it will change your mindset and show you that this challenge you are embarking on is coming at the right time for you. It’s about 30 minutes long, so make sure that you have to sit and listen with no interruptions:

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