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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

There’s something about having a community to lean on in good times and in bad times. There has been a great shift lately where we are motivated to either build or belong to a great community. Whether it’s online or offline, it helps to have a support system. This is very true for our financial journeys, as well. We don’t use our community as much as we should when it comes to finances.

Why is this the case? Well, it’s uncomfortable to talk about money. It’s one of those topics, like politics, where it seems taboo to even bring it up in conversation. There could be a variety of reasons for this. Some people may be embarrassed about the amount of money they have, even if it’s a large amount. Others have big opinions about how money should be used in life, and they are afraid of sharing that since others may disagree. I think it mostly has to do with what we were told in the past. We’re told to never talk about money, ask about money, or share how much we make (or don’t make). But, how do we build a community if we can’t share, support and uplift each other, even when it comes to increasing our finances?

A while ago, I watched a TV show where a whole community was in deep debt. The show followed as the community got real with their finances, shared how much they owed with one another, and then banded together to get each and every family out of debt. It was so surprising to see at least 20 families join together in the challenge and drastically reduce their debt through teamwork. The children, the parents, and even some grandparents, all knew what the end goals were and they were excited to get the whole neighborhood on the right financial track. While I’m not saying for you to tell all of your neighbors your financial facts, and what you’d like to earn in the near future, I think there is something about creating or joining a community where you can be transparent about what you have in mind for your money.

Here is today’s affirmation:

There’s magic in community. I vow to be an asset to my financial community and be as transparent as possible.

Today’s task is one of my favorites. Find your financial community. It may be a group of friends that you trust enough to share your ups and downs when it comes to finances. It may be a church group that is focused on finances. It may even be some online associates that you’d like to keep you on track, and you create a Facebook group for you all to support each other. Create or find that community and vow to be as transparent as possible with them.

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