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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

When I embarked on creating this challenge for you, I was petrified. People’s relationship with money is something that is so personal, important, and life-changing. My own relationship with money has evolved over the years, and the main reason I wanted to create this challenge for you was to give you a chance to change your own life. But what if it didn’t work?

I wanted to deliver. No deliver you out of financial bondage, or anything that serious, but deliver an option, or permission rather, to switch up your day-to-day. To stop basing everything on how much you earn, or keep, or spend, and live life first while your finances grow on their own. The act of delivering is essential, not the result of the delivery.

Could you imagine if I got stuck in the delivery of this challenge? It would have never come out. The graphic for the challenge wouldn’t have been good enough, my writing wouldn’t have been good enough, and the amount of people investing in change wouldn’t have been enough. The same goes for how we view our financial increase and output. Just deliver. Do the tasks and say the affirmations. Give your funds permission to grow without you fretting and watching over them. Allow yourself to be great, and in turn, increase your earnings. Be kind to your mind and body. Let go of those that don’t believe in your financial increase. Deliver.

Here is today’s financial affirmation:

I will deliver. I won’t hold myself, or my finances, back from exponential growth. It’s my time to do.

Today’s task is simple. Pick one thing that you will deliver today. Is there a big to-do that you need to get done? Is there a small family task that you have put off, like reading to your kids or cleaning the bathroom floor. Deliver. Accomplish. Small deliveries bring big results. Big deliveries bring overwhelming spoils. Get it done.

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