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Having focus is such a blessing. To be able to pick a subject, cause, or achievement and conquer it is what most of us strive towards. To have focus when it comes to finance is even better, since we will need plenty of it to keep us from the many distractions of life’s financial pitfalls.

What happens when we get too focused and neglect all else? We decide to become debt-free, or save up for a home. We become obsessed with it. In turn, other things in our life become forsaken. Taking care of ourselves seems to be the biggest thing we are willing to cut out of our routines. Of all things to neglect!

It makes sense; we want to push twatss our big goal. A little sacrifice is fine for now, right? But a deed forsaken becomes an insurmountable problem that may take quite a long time to fix. And quite a bit of money. How ironic would it be that your obsession with your finances caused you to rack up medical bills? Whether we physically exhaust ourselves, or develop a mental issue with our obsession, it can all turn into yet another bill.

Don’t equate spending money with self-care. DO equate your new-found focus on your finances with a betterment of self. As you attain a financial goal, treat yourself. Now I’m not saying spend up all the money you’ve saved, or celebrate with a shopping spree once you pay off a credit card. I’m suggesting that you celebrate with a gift that will contribute to you mental clarity and physical strength. Read a new book. Take a walk. Add a date night to your routine. Buy your favorite bottle of wine and indulge one evening. Constantly praise yourself for sticking with your new financial mindset. Remember: your wealth in life also includes how well you treat yourself.

Here is today’s affirmation:
I will not forsake my well-being for financial gain. Money won’t trump a healthy mind.

Today’s task is a continuation of yesterday’s assignment. Now that you’ve found your community, get to know them on a personal level. Encourage each other to share their stories, not filled with financial facts, but with positive memories of past. If you already know these people, ask them to share a story they’ve never told you.

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