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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

This is day 15 of the 30 Days of Financial Affirmations challenge. If you missed any of the previous days, check out the overview page for links to the other affirmations.

We are officially halfway through our challenge! For the past 14 days, you’ve been determined to change your mindset about money and allow it to be a blessing rather than a burden. I’m so proud of you, and you should be just as proud of yourself. Now, it’s time for us to take it up a notch.

Are you familiar with the word manifestation? Manifestation is an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea. How does this work with money? Well, finances really are an abstract idea. It’s something that we save up, grow through interests, and pass along to others as payments. Some may think that because they can actually hold cash, it wouldn’t be seen as abstract. But, humans decide what that piece of paper represents. We make something that’s abstract (the value of a dollar) and make it tangible.

Now, what happens when we see money for the abstract thing it is? When we see it as more of a theory rather than a tangible object? We make it easier for us to manifest even more. Yesterday, our affirmation focused on accepting that we won’t make as much money as we thought. That “rich” was relative, and we needed to decide the exact amount of money we need to prosper. That was us manifesting the abstract into a tangible object.

Rich is abstract. It’s hard to attain since it’s a theory and not something that we can touch. It’s also relative, since Jay-Z rich is different from Richard Branson rich, although I know we’d all love to be that tangibly rich. Now that you’ve picked the exact amount you want to earn in order to prosper, you can go into overdrive with your intentions.

Money is attracted to intentions and hard work. We touched on that a few days ago, as well. Think about those that vow to lose weight. People that pick an amount of weight to lose tend to have better success than those that just say they want to lose weight. While we can say that we want to be healthier, we still need to decide how that new healthy way of living will be made up. Will be stop eating red meat? Will be exercise 3 times a week? Will be get rid of gluten? Intentions are needed in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to the manifestation of money.

Here’s your affirmation for today:

I will encourage money to manifest, by being intentional about attracting it.

Today’s task may take you more than 5 minutes, but it shouldn’t stress you. Write down 10 steps you will make to be intentional towards money. How will you attract it to you? Will you streamline your home by getting rid of clutter (money hates clutter)? Will you work smarter, so you have more time to think of new ways to attract money? Or will you just dedicate 5 minutes each day to visualize your banking account growing in funds? Moment of transparency: I do that last exercise almost every day. While I don’t stalk my bank account to see what funds have finally been deposited, I do sit and visualize my account doubling, tripling and even quadrupling when I know I have lots of work coming my way.

Have you used the power of manifestation in other parts of your life?

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