Money Needs Me | 30 Days of Financial Affirmations

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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

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I’m going to say something that you might not like:

You don’t need money.

Did that statement shock you? Maybe it made you a little angry, because money means so much when it comes to your current lifestyle. I’ve been there. Money used to be my passion behind everything. It kept us in our apartment month after month, it fed our bellies, and it allowed me to stay sane when I passed it onto debt collectors.

But, I didn’t need it. It needed me. The only way money had a power in my life is because I let it. You see, money can be like a parasite. A parasite can drain you, even when you don’t realize it’s a part of you. We don’t realize how much it affects us until it’s too late. But, like a parasite, money needs us to grow. It uses our energy to take over our minds. What if we could change that energy?

Let’s change the parasite to pollen.

Money needs us. It needs us to spread it through proper channels, allow it to germinate and bloom into something beautiful. It NEEDS us to see it as the blessing that it is, no matter how small it may be. Since money needs us, it will make itself available. All we have to do is understand that it’s for us to utilize in ways more than just bill paying. It’s attracted to us because it wants us to do more. Be more. Money needs us to succeed. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be as important as we THINK it is.

Here’s your affirmation for today:

I don’t need money. Money needs me. Without me, it would be insignificant. I appreciate how important I am to money.

Here’s today’s task:

Find a dollar bill. Rip it. Ok, don’t really do that, but understand that once you rip it, it’s insignificant. Useless. YOU have the power to make it useless. You also have the power to take that dollar and give it permission to multiply and spread throughout your life. Place this dollar in a place where you can see it daily, like the fridge or a pin board in your office.

Tomorrow, we’ll focus less on money, and more on ourselves. See you then!

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  1. 3.3.15

    So very true! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. 3.3.15
    Nichole said:

    Uh oh. No dollar bills on hand. No cash at all. Oh, wait…there’s one lonely bill that has been hanging out in my ABU pants pocket for a week. Perfect!

  3. 3.4.15

    OMG! I never looked at it like this. I needed… Thanks

  4. 4.25.17
    Ravi Hettige said:

    Yes indeed I am joining