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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

This is day 12 of the 30 Days of Financial Affirmations challenge. If you missed any of the previous days, check out the overview page for links to the other affirmations.

There’s an unwritten rule that life must be full of mistakes. We try so hard not to make them, yet there they are, manifesting into our lives on an almost daily basis. How do we stop this from happening? We can’t. Mistakes are a big part of how we grow as people. Money mistakes are a big part of how we grow as financially responsible adults.

The dream money mistakes are the ones that others make and we learn from. Sometimes we aren’t that lucky, and we make very big mistakes. I’ve mentioned before about my car repossession that I experienced in my early twenties. That was one of the most awful and embarrassing things that could have happened to me in my life, especially since I had more than enough money to pay for my car (and pay it down quickly). I was irresponsible, and I needed a big mistake to shake me up and teach me a life-lomg lesson. It did just that. After that repossession, our family changed the way we lived, and I created this blog as a place to be accountable. 7 years later, I would have never dreamed that this would be a place where I would encourage others financially. Mistakes matter.

Even though we learn from our money mistakes, we still tend to regret them. It’s a vicious cycle that causes so much strife within ourselves. Like the mistakes we make in life, money mistakes should never be something that we regret. They happen. They’re important. Yes, they are. Have you learned a big lesson from a past money mistake? Maybe it was not to let certain people borrow money from you, or maybe it was that you don’t need 10 bills in your life when only 6 are really important to your quality of life. Now, imagine that you’ve never learned those lessons. How bad off would you be right now?

Here’s your affirmation for today:

I have no regrets when it comes to money mistakes. They are what shape me into the financially responsible person I am today.

Simple, right? Well, your task for the day is even simpler. Pat yourself on the back for making mistakes. The old you has shaped the financially responsible you of today, and you in the future.

Have you felt embarrassed about past money mistakes that you’ve made? Has it been difficult to get over them, and move on with life?

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