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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

I’m excited that you’ve decided to take on the 30 Days of Financial Affirmations challenge with me. Money and finance can be such a tough subject to talk about, and think about, on a regular basis. But, I promise you, by the end of this challenge, you’ll have an amazing outlook about your current financial situation and you just might see a windfall coming your way.

Here’s the thing: we can’t go into this halfway. I know what you’re thinking. You want to “just see” how this challenge is going to work, and then maybe actually try it out later on. That isn’t going to fly. Any challenge you take on is worth doing all the way. Halfway believing can only get you halfway to the blessings, right?

Your first challenge is to say yes. Say yes to making a change in the way you think, right now. Take this seriously. Use the comment sections of each daily post to say yes to the challenge. If you’re reading the challenge in your email, reply to me and share how you’ll accomplish each task. Say yes. Commit.

Here’s your affirmation for today…

I say yes to what’s coming my way. I say yes to the challenges before me. 

Repeat this to yourself throughout the day. Say it in the mirror, in the car, and even before you lay down to sleep. Write it in your journal. Tweet it. Place it in a Facebook status. Commit. We’re opening up our mind, my friends.

Tomorrow we’re going to get even deeper with our challenge, so being in the right mindset to receive that daily task will only help you in the long run.

Are you READY to say yes? Comment down below and let me know that you’re in!

{Day 2}

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  1. 3.2.15
    Nichole said:

    I’m joining up! I’m saying YES!!

  2. 3.3.15
    vallerie said:

    Yes yes i need all the help i can get.

  3. 3.3.15
    Emerald said:

    Yes!!! I’m ready for a shift Amiyrah!!!

  4. 3.3.15


  5. 3.3.15
    Val said:

    I’m here. Let’s go.

  6. 3.4.15

    I’m in! Yes!

  7. 3.5.15
    Belina said:

    I’m in. Bring it on.

    • 3.6.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Whoo Hoo! Let’s go, Belina!

  8. 3.7.15
    Mel said:

    I say yes to this challenge! I say yes, not to the dress but my financial awakening!

  9. 3.16.15
    Shae said:

    I say YES!

  10. 4.15.15
    Elena craig said:

    I say YES today

  11. 4.15.15
    Elena said:

    I say Yes Today!!!

  12. 5.11.15
    Kim said:

    I say yes! I’m ready for change.

  13. 6.23.15
    Lisa said:

    I say YES to what’s coming my way. I say YES to the challenges before me.

  14. 8.17.15
    Ashley said:

    Yes, I am ready for a change!

    • 8.17.15
      Amiyrah said:

      That’s great, Ashley! I’m actually going to start this challenge on Periscope, and check in with everyone daily, so I hope you can join us there as well as reading these posts. So proud of you!

  15. 8.28.15
    Donna said:

    Yes, yes, yes! I just tweeted it and put on Instagram!

  16. 9.23.15
    Tashevia said:


  17. 10.12.15
    brigitte said:

    I’m ready! My arms are open wide to the abundance and prosperity that is before me and coming into my life!

    • 10.13.15
      Amiyrah said:


  18. 11.5.15
    Mel said:

    I say yes to this challenge!! =D

    • 11.5.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Yay! You won’t be the same once you’re done 😀

  19. 11.13.15
    Chandra said:

    I am saying YES to the challenge!!

  20. 12.8.15
    dez said:

    I am in!!! I say yes bring on the challenges.

  21. 1.7.16
    Maria said:

    yes =)

  22. 2.8.16
    Quin said:


  23. 3.14.16
    Lisa said:


  24. 5.26.16
    Caitlin said:

    I say yes to what’s coming my way. I say yes to the challenges before me. Yes!

  25. 4.2.17
    Ravi Hettige said:

    Yes I am In

  26. 4.2.17
    Ravi Hettige said:

    Yes I am in. I accept financial windfall that is coming in may with heartfelt gratitude

  27. 4.25.17
    Ravi Hettige said:

    Yes indeed I am joining

  28. 9.25.17
    Ravi said:

    Yes I am in

  29. 11.29.17
    Claudia said:

    I am happy to say YES!! Yes to the challenges and yes to ALL that is coming my way!!

  30. 3.1.18
    Andrea Wells said:

    I say YES!

  31. 6.12.18
    Cynthia said:

    YES, I am ready for the challenge.

  32. 11.19.19
    ROSE ANTOINE said:

    Yes, I’m ready to commit to this challenge and every obstacle that comes along with it.

  33. 10.2.21
    Elise Williamson said:


  34. 11.26.21
    Anonymous said:

    I say yes to the challenges before me and I say yes to what’s coming my way.

  35. 11.26.21
    anonymous said: