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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

We have 20 days of this challenge behind us now. Can you believe it? For 20 whole days, we’ve been intentional, positive, determined, and grateful. Some of you may already see some financial blessings manifesting in your life. Others may feel a big change on it’s way, and are excited about what’s in store for you. There is one thing that we need to address: the valley.

The valley, or the burden before the blessing, is something that each and every one of us has experienced. Have you ever been diligent about saving money, or paying bills on time, and then something big throws you off? It’s usually a family emergency, like a water heater breaking, or a significant car issue. It could also be personal, like a sickness that hits out of nowhere, or an argument between family members, or even married couples, that causes strife in your home. The valley is determined to get us off track towards our windfall.

The best way to deal with the valley is to get mad and fix it right away. Many of us dwell on these burdens, complaining about them on social media or laying in bed fretting over not knowing what to do. These are our biggest tests. Not only is our financial blessing waiting in the wings, it’s watching. It wants to see how we have grace under pressure. How powerful we are when things are not going our way. The windfall watches during this part of our lives because it’s the opening act. If you can’t get past this part of the show, the main act can’t appear. Let’s do this. Let’s be ready to get out of the valley.

Here is today’s affirmation:

I will diminish my burdens, to make room for my blessings.

Your task for today is to tackle the current burdens that are in your way. Make game plans to get them eliminated. Don’t dwell on how they are causing strife. Use that anger and frustration to remove them from your life. Remember, you windfall is waiting on you to get to work.

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    Melissa said:

    Is there a day #19? I can’t find it