Two Wrongs | 30 Days of Financial Affirmations

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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

This is day 10 of the 30 Days of Financial Affirmations challenge. If you missed any of the previous days, check out the overview page for links to the other affirmations.

We’ve established the fact that we are wrong about money. We’re wrong about how it affects our lives, about how we interact with it, and about how important it is in our family life. So, now that we have addressed this, can we finally make our relationship right?

The first step we need to make is understanding that we have an issue with money. If you have signed up to be part of this challenge, then you’ve acknowledged that fact. You’ve read each and every affirmation for the past 10 days, and you’ve (hopefully) done the tasks. Are you ready to encounter money on your own and make the right choices? That’s up to you.

There are two wrongs that we need to make right in our lives when it comes to money. We need to admit that we have a skewed view of money, and we need to understand that this view keeps us from prospering, not just in a financial aspect, but in every part of our lives. Once we admit that, we’ll see our blessings come to fruition one after the next, after the next.

Here’s your affirmation for today:

Two wrongs don’t make it right. I acknowledge the wrong thoughts I’ve had about money, and I am determined to make them right through my future actions.

There’s no task for today. This affirmation is a doozy, so repeating it throughout the day will be task enough. This may seem similar to other affirmations that we’ve done in the past, but the point of this one is to make sure that your mind really is right. Repetition and positive habits are the key to substantial life changes.

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