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30 Days of Financial Affirmations

When I arrived at basic training for the Air Force almost 15 years ago, I was introduced to having a sense of urgency. We were strongly encouraged to get moving and get our jobs done efficiently and as quick as possible. Showers needed to be finished within 2 minutes, beds should be made perfectly and in no time, and when our Technical Instructor told us to line up or get in formation, we had to do it at lightening speed. Needless to say, it was exhausting.

After all these years, I see that this is the same mindset we have about our finances. We need to save enough vacation money for our trip next year, but we want it done right now. The bill collectors call constantly, even if your bills aren’t late yet. Once they are, they will mercilessly call until you use your sense of urgency to pay. To associate money with a fast life is to always feel rushed and overwhelmed by it.

Something that grows so slowly in a savings account or mutual fund shouldn’t make us feel rushed. Ever. There’s no advantage to rushing your money, or trying to “get rich quick.” We’ve all heard the horror stories about that. With our challenge coming close to the end, I have a feeling that your mindset is to get this done so you can get that windfall immediately. Stop rushing the process. This is a new way of thinking, and thus, rushing through it won’t quickly get us to what we want. Take your time. Make sure that your mind is clear, concise, and at peace. Do you feel that you’re at that point yet?

Here’s your affirmation for today:

Urgency is the antithesis of financial escalation. 

Powerful words, right? Well, here is your challenge for today. Spread these words. Tell them to a friend, share them on Facebook, tweet them out to your followers, or even retweet this tweet. We spoke about being of service to others. This is a great message to pass on to others, and encourage them to really pay attention to their relationship with their finances.

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