Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom Review #MonkeyKingdom

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Disney nature's Monkey Kingdom Review #MonkeyKingdom

If there’s one thing that Disney Motion Pictures does well, it’s tell a heartfelt story. Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom definitely provides such a story. During my recent Avengers press trip to L.A., we were able to attend an advanced viewing of Monkey Kingdom. Monkey Kingdom is narrated by the phenomenal Tina Fey, features a sweet blonde-haired Macaque named Maya. Like past Disneynature films, this one shares the journey of a mother looking to provide the best for her child.

Disney nature's Monkey Kingdom Review #MonkeyKingdom

The Macaques Rule

Monkey Kingdom is set in an abandoned Sri Lankan village, full of visual fancy and unique animals. The Macaques rule “The Rock” and much like humans, there is a hierarchy that is followed. Maya’s journey is fun to watch, as we all can relate to one part or another of her everyday life.

The cast of characters are fun as well, with mischievous monkeys, sweet monkeys and cute babies to boot! Keep an eye out for the sloth bears. I thought they were adorable!

Disney nature's Monkey Kingdom Review #MonkeyKingdom

Maya’s Motherhood Story

As a mom, I really connected with Maya’s story. We see her become a first time mom, and learn how to care for herself and her baby. There are many heartwarming scenes throughout the movie, but I especially loved seeing Maya interact with her son, Kip. It reminded me of the special times I shared with my first born when he was a baby.

Disney nature's Monkey Kingdom Review #MonkeyKingdom

Beautiful Scenes

The cinematography in Monkey Kingdom is breathtaking. It took almost 3 years to film, and it shows in each vivid scene. Close ups of the family of Macaques, as well as some very special events they encountered, were filmed perfectly. I don’t want to give too much away, but just wait until you see the birthday scene. You and your family are going to laugh so hard!

This blogger enjoyed a day at the famous LA Zoo, and talks about Disneynature's new movie, Monkey Kingdom. #MonkeyKingdom #LAZoo #AvengersEvent

Watch and Give Back

When you see MONKEY KINGDOM opening week (April 17-23), Disneynature will make a donation in your honor to Conservation International to help protect monkeys and other endangered species in their natural habitats. Learn more at http://nature.disney.com/monkey-kingdom

Monkey Kingdom opens in theaters everywhere on April 17th! It’s is a great family film, and I can’t wait to take my 4 year old and 9 year old. It has the perfect combination of humor, drama, exuberance, and fun. See it this weekend!

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  1. 4.17.15

    Maya & kip are so cute! Monkey Kingdom is a must see movie for the entire family, thanks for sharing your review.

  2. 4.18.15
    Jenn said:

    Loved this movie! Can’t wait to see it again with my family. Also, your photos are adorable.

  3. 4.20.15
    Ashley S said:

    Love the stuffed Maya!! This film is so cute.