Summer Park Outings With Baby #JohnsonsPartners

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I used JOHNSON’S® for my little one and for myself as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #johnsonspartners #SoMuchMore

During the summer, we love to take little trips to our local parks. We sit in the grass, play with bubbles and have little snacks. This is the first summer where Baby Frugal has enjoyed our family tradition, and we’ve made sure to include our favorite JOHNSON’S® baby products. Plus, I use a few park tricks that make our experiences so much more fun!

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When we take our park outings, I make sure to pack extra diapers, baby snacks, and a packet of JOHNSON’S® hand & face wipes. With a baby that loves to take off crawling, I need a soft yet sturdy wipe to get him all clean before he eats his snacks. Since they help t wipe away 95% of dirt and germs, I even use them on the older kids.

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I lay out our favorite blue blanket, top with Baby Frugal’s Star Wars lovey and our snacks, and just chill. This is one of my favorite parts of summer. Spending down time with my little one, and bonding with nature.

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One of my favorite tips when hanging out at the park? Sprinkle JOHNSON’S® baby pure cornstarch powder with calming lavender & chamomile under your blanket. Not only does it make your area smell heavenly, but it keeps the bugs at bay. Try it next time you hang out at the park!

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Summer fun with baby can happen right in your own neighborhood, just as long as you have the right resources and a taste of adventure.

What are your favorite must have items when you take a summer outing with a baby?

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