ONE THING All Parents Need to Do Right Now

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First tooth

This is a sponsored post on behalf of USAA. All opinions are my own.

Parenting is not for the faint of heart. Scraped knees, wiggly teeth, and even broken bones are on the agenda for our journey as caretakers. If you ever want to take the fast track to adulthood, have a kid or two.

Parenting also includes things that we need to do right away. Buying car seats, cribs, finding a pediatrician and even starting college funds are things that we fret over as soon as we get the news of a new baby. I still remember when we found out about our oldest son. After crying for hours, I went into hyperdrive thinking of all the things we needed to get squared away over the next 6 months (yes, I was almost 3 months pregnant and didn’t know).

But, there was one thing I needed to do right away and didn’t even know it. As a new mom, a member of the military, and a wife I needed to make sure that if anything happened to me, my family would be taken care of. I needed to get life insurance, and fast.

Life insurance is one of the last things that parents think about but always kick themselves once they do. We bask in the newness of a baby, but forget about what they would need if we were taken from them. What happens if you are working on debt, or feeling financially vulnerable, and you weren’t here anymore to take care of these issues? Do you have things in order for those that are left behind? They won’t be able to live without you, naturally, but will they be able to live without your finances coming into the home?

The one thing all parents need to do right now is set up, or update, their life insurance. September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and USAA wants to remind parents to learn more about life insurance. 

USAA believes life insurance is an essential piece of a sound financial plan, but recent studies have shown nearly one-third of U.S. households have no life insurance at all. Unfortunately, it’s not a conversation families generally have without first experiencing a significant life event such as marriage or the birth of a baby.

Use the Life Insurance Calculator to help determine the amount of life insurance you should have at this stage in life. Today’s a good day to get this off your plate, so why not do it now?

Parents: Have you signed up for life insurance, or reviewed your current life insurance policy to make sure it still fits your family’s needs?

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