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“Have courage, and be kind.”

When my little girl and I first heard those words while watching Cinderella during its opening weekend last march, I knew it would stick with her. Cinderella is her favorite princess, and the live-action film Disney Cinderella took her little breath away. Have courage, and be kind. Those have been her words to remember for the past few months, and my words to use to remind her when her actions aren’t so courageous or kind.

Ambassador of Kindness

Kindness is essential to being a good person. Disney has a great kindness ambassador in Cinderella, and they have created a wonderful campaign behind this important characteristic. “A Million Words of Kindness” is a new campaign from Disney, which celebrates the upcoming release of Cinderella on DVD and Blu-Ray, and encourages fans to post a million thoughts of kindness by November 13, World Kindness Day.

Ambassador of Kindness

Be A Kindness Ambassador

During my most recent trip to Disneyland, we were hosted by Disney at Carthay Circle for a “Kindness Ambassador” dinner. We were able to enjoy a most regal meal, and add our words of kindness to the Cinderella Words of Kindness website. With all of the unkind things that we encounter and are witness to daily, it was refreshing to write words that would touch someone’s heart.

If you could share words of kindness with the world, what would you say? Leave those words on the Cinderella Words of Kindness website, and be a bright light. You never know. Your fairy godmother may read it.

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