3 Easy Ways to Relieve Allergies

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3 Easy Ways To Relieve Allergies Hero

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Allergy season is in full effect, and it seems like there’s no relief in sight. But, there is! Our family gets hit hard with allergies each fall, but we’ve found 3 easy ways to relieve allergies, without having to suffer or feel like you will be sneezing until the end of time.

3 Easy Ways To Relieve Allergies 1

Drink More Water

Yes, this seems like a simple solution, and it is. With allergies, we tend to get congested and dry. Drinking lots, and lots, of water will not only thin out that pesky mucus but will trigger your body to give you some relief. We’re supposed to drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, so increase that by a third when you are suffering from allergies.

3 Easy Ways To Relieve Allergies 2

Hot Tea With Honey and Vinegar

Ok, I know you caught that little bit at the end. Vinegar? Yes. Here’s why this combination is so great: the hot tea adds the benefit of steam to your regimen, which will open up your nasal passages. The vinegar will also do the same thing, allowing your nasal passages to clear up quickly. The vinegar and the honey will soothe your throat, which is great for those of us :raises hand: that tend to scratch our throats when we are having an allergy attack. For the best allergy knockout, I suggest using organic apple cider vinegar.

3 Easy Ways To Relieve Allergies

Easy 24 Relief

Sometimes you just need immediate relief, and you need it to last. I love to combine the first two options listed above with 24 hour allergy relief, like CVS Allergy Relief. You can take one tablet as part of your morning or nighttime routine, and be set for the day. You can’t get any simpler than that, and I’m so glad to have this option during allergy season.

What are your favorite ways to relieve allergies?

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