How To Decorate For A Dinner Party

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Yesterday, we talked about the foundation of a great dinner party. Today, let’s talk about how to decorate for a dinner party, without breaking the bank. If you’d like to have all the steps for a rocking fall dinner party, you can download the ebook here: Fall Entertaining on a Dime.

Day 1 of your party planning is the most important day. You’re going to pick your theme, your guests, and figure out your preliminary menu. Day 2 cannot be completed without following the steps of Day 1 in the ebook. On this day, you’ll put together the decorations for your dinner, and the best way to do this is to search your own home.

Think Outside The Box

While you’ll find most of the items you need in your kitchen, don’t be afraid to search your bedroom, bathroom, and linen closet for other themed items. A beautiful burgundy jewelry box would be a great centerpiece for an upscale but intimate soiree. A few well-placed mini-board games from your kids’ rooms are perfect inspiration for a nostalgia themed party.

Fall Entertaining on a Dime

Utilize Kitchen Dishes

Why do we think that kitchenware can only be used for cooking? Gorgeous mugs are a great place to house silverware or small appetizers. Do you have a casserole dish that is almost as lovely as the meals you create in it? Use it to display green apples, gifts for guests, and more.

Use The Thrift Store

One of the best places to find decor on a dime is the thrift store. No matter what your dinner party theme is, you’ll be able to find useful items there. Be sure to pick pieces that are heavy for their size, but are at a good price. Platters are a great find at the thrift store, since they can be used for so many other events. There’s also a specific color you should keep a lookout for when you are decorating a fall dinner party. I share this secret in the Fall Entertaining on a Dime ebook. Trust me, you’ll want to know this!

Tomorrow, we’ll talk all about how to make your menu for a dinner party, and not get overwhelmed by the task (or the price).

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