How To Promote A Dinner Party (Like a Boss)

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Yes, you should promote your dinner parties! Here are some tips that show you how to promote a dinner party, like a boss.

This may be the most fun day of the week, since it includes getting your guests excited about attending your dinner party. In Day 6 of the Fall Entertaining On A Dime ebook, we focus on how to promote a dinner party. Up until now, you’ve done all the “backstage” preparation for the big show. Now, it’s time to step into the limelight. Promoting your party, even to a small amount of guests, is an important part of the event. Guests will be determined to attend, and they may even talk up the event to others. Here are some great tips that share how to promote a dinner party, and do it like a boss.

Use Invitations to Your Advantage

Promotion of the dinner party will be very easy to do if you used a Facebook Event page to invite guests. Add an update mentioning how excited you are to having them attend. You can even add pictures of the serving dishes set up on your dinner table and tease about the menu selections. If you used Evite, or another online invitation service, be sure to email all guests again and express how excited you are that they are attending.

Decide on Activities

During day 4, we thought about what activities and entertainment we want to offer during our dinner party. Now is time to solidify those decisions. Think about the theme of your party. Is it more upscale? Board games may not be a good way to entertain, but having a small bowl of discussion topics on the table would be a good way to start conversations. Is your theme more light­hearted? Card games, old school music playlist, or even craft activities would be fun for guests. Yes, crafts! In the Fall Entertaining on a Dime ebook, I help you decide on fun crafts and activities that your guests will enjoy. Be sure to check it out!

How To Promote A Dinner Party (Like a Boss)

Add a Nostalgia Factor

Guests always remember a dinner party through a nostalgic part of the evening. Think back to a dinner party you have attended. What’s one thing that stood out to you? Maybe the host had a special set up at the table that reminded you of the dinner table of your youth. Maybe the music that was playing when you arrived reminded you of your junior high spring dance, and immediately put you in a good mood. Or, the game that you played during dessert was one that you hadn’t played since you were 10. Nostalgia always gets guests to think fondly of your party.

Now, you’ve covered this already within your theme or your menu, but think about it a bit more. What’s something that you can create or offer to your guests that will make them remember their youth? Find a way to hint at the past during your party. Place a Mr. Potato Head in the middle of your coffee table for guests to play with, or have a stack of Uno cards set near the beverages. Give them a reason to make a memory with you.

 Party promotion can be very easy, and really fun, once you decide on the activities you will have for your guests. Tackle that task, and you’ll be one more day closer to the best fall-themed dinner party ever. Tomorrow, we’ll talk all about grocery shopping and prepping for your party. See you then!

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