Mini Apple Swiss Panini Sandwiches

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Looking for an easy apple appetizer? These mini apple swiss panini sandwiches are just right!

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Lately, I’ve been all about a panini, and definitely about an
apple swiss panini sandwich.

They are easy, adorable, and very rarely gross. With the coming of apple season, I made these mini apple swiss panini sandwiches because…apples.

These aren’t a new treat for us. We love to serve them when we have dinner parties in the fall. Our friends love how compact and delicious they are, and I love how inexpensive they are to make.

Themed dinner parties are my favorite thing to create in Autumn, and these apple swiss panini sandwiches are perfect for an apple-themed party! I talk about party themes in the third chapter of Fall Entertaining On A Dime, and let me tell you, they can make or break a party.

An Easy Recipe Because It’s Not A Recipe

Now don’t get it twisted. There is no recipe for these. There are pretty similar to the mini meatball panini sandwiches I posted a few weeks ago, but even easier.

All you need are 2 or 3 granny smith apples, swiss cheese slices, and some crusty baguettes. Oh, and butter or olive oil. If you are like me, you’ll go with butter since butter is everything. Butter is life.

Looking for an easy apple appetizer? These apple swiss mini panini sandwiches are just right!

Place two slices of apple in each panini with a half of a slice of swiss nestled in the middle of the apples. Panini press the heck out of them, and viola! You have mini apple swiss panini sandwiches.

I used our grill pan, which is why you see the crusty brown goodness on top of the sandwiches. If you don’t have a grill pan, get one. It’s magical. This grill pan is the one we use when we want to make panini sandwiches, and then we just put our cast iron skillet on top.

These apple swiss panini sandwiches are so easy, you just have to try them. It’s melty, tangy goodness that won’t take your more than 10 minutes to make.

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