The Foundation of a Great Dinner Party

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Did you know that the first day of planning a dinner party is the most important step to creating a great one? In my new ebook, Fall Entertaining On A Dime, I break down why this is true. You’re most excited and focused on that first day, so you tend to have the best ideas and game plans. Fall is the perfect time for fellowship, and to invite your friends over for an intimate dinner party. Plus, these Autumn dinners are bound to not bust your budget. Let’s go over  the steps you should make on the first day of your planning, and share the foundation of a great dinner party.

The Guest List

The guest list is the perfect first step of planning your party. Think back to that amazing scene in Beetlejuice, where the guests are chatting around the dinner table before being possessed in the most amazing way. By pairing up friends and family that you know will get along well, you are ensuring a rocking dinner and an even better after-meal experience. Keep your party small and intimate, but really think about who will get along with whom. The worst thing that could happen is you having to have conversations with all of your guests individually, because they won’t converse with one another. In Day 1 of the ebook, I also share a secret tip that you’ll want to do when sending out invitations. Check out Day 1 now.

Shop From Home

Do you want to keep the cost of your party as low as possible? Check your freezer and pantry for inspiration. Do you have a large package of frozen chicken breasts and a bottle of curry powder that you’ve been dying to use? Chicken Curry Soup may be the star of your party. Lots of chocolate in the house, and a box of cake mix? Vanilla cake with a chocolate drizzle is the perfect dessert. Your kitchen is the best place to spark your culinary ideas, so get in there and start rummaging!

Supplement with Store Circulars

After you’ve picked through your pantry, look at your local store’s weekly circular for sale items that can be added to your plan. Since you are basing this off of what’s already in your home, the amount that you spend at the store will be way less than if you planned the whole meal around new groceries. Grab sale vegetables, items for appetizers, like fruit and cheese, or any seasonings you may need for the meal. Don’t go overboard. This is the step that may trip up your budget, if you don’t go into the store with a plan. Only buy items that will supplement what you already have on-hand. I show you a foolproof way to do this on Day 1 of the Fall Entertaining on a Dime ebook.

The Theme

The theme of the party is the fun part of planning a soiree. Fall makes for a list of exciting themes, and all of them can be properly done on a dime. Whether you focus on the colors of fall, the foods of fall (yay for apples), or even the weather of fall (warm foods to go with the cold temperature), your guests will love a well-planned theme. Need more theme ideas? There are a few listed in the ebook, including a fun Parisian theme that you may not have thought of creating at home.

That’s it. The 4 steps that will help you create the foundation of a great dinner party. Simple, yet important, tasks to start off your planning. Looking for help with the rest of your dinner party prep? Check out Fall Entertaining on a Dime, for 7 full days of planning, including ideas, lists, and more.


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