The Secret To The Best Dinner Party EVER

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Fall Entertaining on a Dime

All week, we’ve been talking about how to have the best dinner party ever, without busting your budget. But, what we haven’t talked about is the real secret behind an absolutely amazing, budget friendly get-together. Day 4 of the Fall Entertaining on a Dime ebook reveals the secret. The big secret involves 3 words: rest, reflect and regroup. Below, I’ll share with you the secret to the best dinner party ever.


Now, isn’t rest that one thing we do the day AFTER a big party? Absolutely. But, it’s just as important to take a break from your dinner party planning while you are in the midst of it. Why? Because we tend to get overwhelmed when we plan. Whether it’s a party, a vacation, or our kids’ after-school activities, planning causes stress. Too much stress can make something as fun as planning a night at home with friends into a chore. This is supposed to be fun, so take a day off and realize that.


Sit down on the couch and think about all that you have planned for the party, so far. Have you covered all of the bases when it comes to the menu? Have all the guests replied to your invitation? Are there items that you can prep days beforehand, to give you less to do the day of the party? Write these things down, but don’t do them just yet. Today is specifically for you to stop and reflect. In the Fall Entertaining on a Dime ebook, I show you a few ways to can make the reflection process easy, and almost fun. Have you downloaded your copy yet?


Once you reflect, it’s time to regroup a few tasks. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes. What will they do once they arrive at your home? Do you have entertainment decided for the evening? Can you have a guest bring libations, so that’s one thing you don’t have to worry about purchasing (and busting your budget)? Now is a great time to regroup your plans for the night, and think about them through the eyes of your guests. Tomorrow, you can adjust accordingly.

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See how important it is to take a day off from the action of planning a party? We need to give ourselves time to think, even when it comes to something as simple as a get-together with friends and family.

Next, we’ll get the party going before your guests even arrive. How? Party promotion! See you tomorrow for our lesson from Day 5 of Fall Entertaining on a Dime.

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  1. 10.25.15

    I absolutely love your blog because it has so much helpful information. I started watching your YouTube Channel too. You have a great and energetic personality that comes across very well in video. So, basically we’re going to keeping reading and watching. Thank you.

    • 10.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you so much for the support, and for watching the YouTube videos! I hope I can keep giving you helpful and motivational material.

  2. 10.25.15

    By the way this is a wonderful article. My wife and I have been putting off doing dinner parties because in some way I think we a bit intimidated. Reading your post has given us an easy low pressure approach to planning our very first dinner party. Thank you.

    • 10.26.15
      Amiyrah said:

      It’s definitely my pleasure! Entertaining on a dime is one of favorite things to do, so I hope these tips help.