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Brandon Tween

This is sponsored post on behalf of SparkGift. All opinions and experiences are my own.

My son is officially a tween. This means many things in our home. He’s old enough to do most of the housework, he can cook for himself (sort of), and he’s starting really invest in smelly-good soups, lotions and deodorants. It also means that when the holidays roll around, he’s the hardest to shop for in our house. I’m a mom that loves to give gifts that my kids will not only enjoy, but they will learn and grow from using. I also want it to be something new and cool. The perfect holiday gift. Enter SparkGift.

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What is SparkGift?

SparkGift is the first platform that makes it easy to give stocks & index funds as gifts. Stocks as gifts! I can give my kid, the one that loves to find new ways to make money, actual stock. As a financially savvy family, this makes me heart go pitter-patter.

I’m not going to lie. Stocks have given me anxiety in the past. There are so many to choose from, and when it’s time to invest your money in something substantial, the idea of stocks used to make me want to run and hide. After doing more research, I’ve seen that buying stocks responsibly is a great way to grow wealth, and I’ve been excited to explain how that works with my 10 year old. Now, he can have his parents and other family members give him stocks as gifts. He’ll get to watch money grow in a new way.

SparkGift Perfect Holiday Gift

We’ve created a SparkGift Investment Gift Registry for him. The gift registry is perfect for families who have no more room for toys or clothes, but want family members to help with their kiddos “future fund.” It was very easy to create.

Did you notice the customized link at the top of the gift registry? You can easily send an email, text or a social media message containing your link.

Once you sign in to your free SparkGift account (or sign up, if you’re just getting started), you’ll click the “My Gifting Page” button at the top right.

You can then customize your Investment Gift Registry by adding a picture of your kiddo, a brief description of what family members will be helping with by purchasing stock, and even a wish list of companies.

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Friends and family members are able to choose one of those stocks, or search for one on their own. They can also select the amount of the stock. We gave our tween 20 dollars of Walt Disney Company stock, just to get him started.

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Totally easy! From now until January 2016, SparkGift is charging only 2.95 for gifts between 20.00 and 100.00.

Can you tell how excited I am about this? SparkGift is this year’s prefect holiday gift. For real.

What do you think about SparkGift? Will you add it to your gift list for your kids this year?

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