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American Thanksgiving is one of the most exciting holidays of the year, and this free Thanksgiving Planner is a must have for those celebrating.

Why? Because of the food! We also get to enjoy the fellowship of dear friends and family, and are reminded about the things that we’re so thankful for within the past year.

But, if you are in charge of Thanksgiving dinner, this can be a stressful time for you. Well, we’re here to help!

How one mom finally got into the Thanksgiving spirit. Here's a hint it has something to do with her in-laws.

The ultimate Thanksgiving planner is available to get you organized, and all set for the big turkey day.

I have a love for those that are taking on Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve done it a few times, even entertaining over 30 people in our two bedroom apartment a few years ago.

It was so stressful! While I loved feeding all of my friends and family members, I wasn’t able to enjoy the day fully because I kept thinking that I was forgetting something.

Even when the meal was finished, I still had those thoughts my head.

This prompted me to write this first Thanksgiving dinner hacks post, and decide to let go of my dream of hosting every year.

The real problem? I was organized enough.

Looking to plan a great Thanksgiving this year? This FREE Ultimate Thanksgiving Planner will get your organized and ready for the holiday in no time!

This 6-page Thanksgiving planner is simple to use, and lists the important parts of a great Thanksgiving dinner.

You have a grocery list page, a guest list page (where you can annotate anyone’s allergies), a meal-at-a-glance page, and even a potluck page!

Wouldn’t it be great to actually track what other family members are bringing to dinner, instead of being surprised on the day? Yes, it would.

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You can also fill in your information below, and the planner will be delivered to your email. Like I said, we’re keeping it simple for you. No stress!

Thanksgiving leftovers can get boring after a while. Here are some leftover stuffing recipes and recipe ideas you can use right now.

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