Top 5 Posts For Black History Month

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Looking for ideas to help you teach your kids about Black History Month? Here are some resources that will help parents create lessons for their children.

I’m finding that many parents are not sure where to start when teaching their children for Black History Month. They aren’t comfortable with what their kids are learning in school, and would like to expand the Black pioneers that are studied this month. While going through the content here on 4 Hats and Frugal, I found some of our favorite articles that can be the catalyst for the discussions you would like to have with your kids this Black History Month.

Looking for Martin Luther King Jr. YouTube videos for kids? Here are a list of 7 great ones, including a bonus video.

Top 7 Martin Luther King Jr. Videos on YouTube

It’s difficult to find videos that are kid-friendly and educational on YouTube. This post lists 7 videos that you and your kids can watch together, and learn more about Dr. King and his message.

Are you looking to teach your kids more than the usual Black History Month topics? This mini curriculum about the Pioneers of The Civil Rights Movement is the perfect solution!

Pioneers of The Civil Rights Movement

This post actually includes a mini-curriculum for your kids to learn more about the Pioneers of the Civil Rights Movement. This curriculum can be done over the weekend, or during homeschool.

How to discuss slavery with your kids

How To Discuss Slavery With Your Kids

This is a post that has touch my heart every time I’ve re-read it. Discussing slavery with our kids was a process, but we started younger than others may have thought you could. The article gives you practical advice and tips for explaining slavery with your own children.

As a parent, it's our duty to create global citizens that will stand against injustice. Here's how to teach your child to be an advocate for change.

Teach Your Child To Be An Advocate For Change

The premise behind Black History Month is to teach our society what others have sacrificed for in the past, for us to live the lives we currently live. This is also the perfect time to explain advocacy to your children, and let them know how important it is.  This post shares the different ways you can start that conversation, and encourage your own children to be advocates for change in our society.

What Django Taught Me About Motherhood

What Django Taught Me About Motherhood

This is a personal piece that I wrote after viewing the movie Django Unchained. While that movie is NOT for children, I think it’s something that parents with a strong stomach should view eventually. I learned something very invaluable about motherhood after watching the film, and I share it with you in this article.

I hope these posts help you start your conversations about Black History Month, or encourage you to not just have this conversation in February, but all year round.

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  1. 2.14.16
    Ginger said:

    Thank you for posting this but I wondered why you did not put any black women on here? I remember as a girl how much of a roll model Sojourner Truth was to me.

    • 2.15.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Great point, Ginger! I’d love to see a post written by you about the Black Women Pioneers. Be sure to hop back over here to share it with us :).

      • 2.15.16
        Ginger said:

        As a white woman, I don’t think I would feel comfortable doing such. Maybe a women pioneers, which would include black women (which perhaps is something missing as well). Women don’t get included in black history as much as they deserve and non-white women don’t get included enough in women’s history month. May I throw you a line if I write one for feedback?

        • 2.15.16
          Amiyrah said:

          Black History Month isn’t just for Black people :). Since this is something that means a lot to you, I see no reason for you not to write the post and share with the world. Can’t wait to read it on your blog, Ginger!