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Dear fellow movie junkie families: Zootopia will be released in theaters this week! On March 4th, we’ll get to follow Officer Judy Hopps around her own world, a place where animals rule, and walk upright. Can I get a whoop whoop? Our family is so excited about the premiere of this movie, and the fact that we can see it together. Thanks, Disney! What we really love is seeing family-friendly movies in amazing theaters. Our current favorite theater is Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime in Paramus. Yes, we’ll be traveling there to see Zootopia this weekend.

Dolby Cinema AMC Prime

Why Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime? Well, because it’s awesome. That’s why. OK, here are some great reasons for you to see Zootopia at your local Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime:

  • There are only 19 in the country, so if you live near one, it’s a big event for your family.
  • Dolby Cinema at AMC Prime combines the most powerful image and sound technologies with cutting-edge, reserved recliners.
  • The recliners pulsate with the action on the screen!
  • Each theater has “moving audio:” you feel like you’re inside the story as sound flows all around you, with breathtaking realism to create a powerfully moving experience.

Not sure if you have a Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime in your area? Here’s a list:




New Jersey

Northern California

Southern California














THIS is why you need to see Zootopia at Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime! It will be a family memory that none of your will forget.

©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.
©2015 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

Speaking of memories, would you like to see Zootopia with my family and me this Saturday, March 5th? If you live near or can travel to AMC Garden State 16 in Paramus, NJ, we’d love for you to enter our giveaway!

Here are the giveaway rules:

  • There will be two winners. Each winner will receive a family 4-pack of tickets for the 12:10pm show on Saturday, March 5th.
  • Winners will need to be located in, or willing to travel to, the Northern  or Central NJ area, since I will be handing you your movie tickets right at the theater.
  • To enter: share in the comments below how many times a month your family goes to the movies. Simple, right?
  • Winners will be picked on Thursday evening, via
  • Winners will be announced on Thursday evening on the 4 Hats and Frugal Facebook Page. The winners will have until Friday morning, March 4th, to get in contact with me. If they don’t, new winners will be announced. If you provide an email address in your entry below, you will be contacted there, as well.

Don’t live in the New Jersey area, but you do live near one of the Dolby Cinemas at AMC Prime? No worries! There are other bloggers all around the country offering this same giveaway!  Search the #ShareAMC hashtag on Twitter or Facebook to find a giveaway in your area.

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  1. 2.29.16
    Debra said:

    As a whole family – probably once every few months – whenever there is an appropriate movie for all of us!

    • 3.4.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Congratulations Debra!!! You’re our winner for the contest!! We will be in contact with you shortly.

  2. 2.29.16
    Bonnie said:

    My family goes to the movies about 5-6 times a month.

  3. 2.29.16

    We try to go once a year as a family – and this is on our *must see* list 🙂

    • 3.4.16
      Amiyrah said:

      Congratulations Aurie!!! You’re our winner for the contest!! We will be in contact with you shortly.