In The Trenches of Teething and Toothbrushing

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Teething and Toothbrushing

Babies don’t are about hygiene. I feel like this is a fact that many people know already, but I needed the internet to know that I know this to be true. From dirty diapers, to runny noses, sticky hands, and more, babies don’t understand the word “clean.”

As a mom of 3 now, I’ve found myself watching the interaction between our Baby Frugal and his siblings. While the older ones wash their “parts and pieces” without much objection, their little brother hasn’t understood the benefits yet. There is one exception: baby teeth brushing.

Teething and Toothbrushing 3

Oh, we could brush our dang teeth all dang day, and he’d be all about it. Why? Because he’s a teething maniac, that’s why. Right now, I’m taking full advantage of my toddler’s teething and his love of gum rubbing. Cooing, smiling, and all that jazz happens during his teeth brushing sessions. It feels good. Like a loofah on that itchy middle part of your back that you can’t fully reach all the time, but when you do? Heaven.

While Baby Frugal is loving this little ritual (and has yet to realize we are CLEANING his teeth), I’m excited about the routine we are creating. Brushing baby’s little teeth, especially before bed, helps to prevent Bottle Tooth Decay. While Baby Frugal has been off bottles for a few months, he is obsessed with the sippy cup full of milk.

I have to keep an eye on his tooth health, and our brushing sessions help me do that. Baby Orajel Elmo Tooth & Gum Cleanser helps us make dental hygiene easy for Baby Frugal, and me. Oh, let’s not forget Baby Orajel Naturals for Teething Pain Relief. Some nights he needs that lovely gum massage, but a little extra. The nighttime formula is a godsend.

Teething and Toothbrushing 2

As a Smilehood Ambassador for Orajel, I’m excited that this new position will be a catalyst for us to be even more diligent about Baby Frugal’s journey into taking care of his teeth. It’s an everyday, mundane thing that we all do, but if we can start him off on the right foot when it comes to dental hygiene, I’m all for it.

So, this is where we are right now. Toothbrush time is sacred amongst babies, especially when they are in the teething (with a hint of snotty nose) stage. It’s fun. It’s interesting. I hope it lasts.

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